Ban HorseCollar Tackles

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by mcnabbmcnow, Dec 24, 2004.

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    That's high-lair-eeous. The opening sentence is my favorite -- "This is a unique custom McFarlane figure." Haha...

    I actually quite admire the amount of restraint and lack of bias in your description. It's a lot more subdued than what 99% of our posters would have written down, including me. You can actually believe that it might be real.
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    It wasn't mine.. if you noticed, I said "I might just make an investment in this"...

    Hey, I feel bad for Eagles fans over the loss of the guy who they thought was going to put your team over the top, ahhhhh... then again, no I don't. Not after what those guys did when Irvin got hurt. No way. Those fans deserve to suffer. Notice I said THOSE FANS... not the players suffer due to injury. Then I would be lowering myself to their level.

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