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    i think this beautiful horse had a real chance at the triple crown..

    what a tragedy.. he may now lose his life.
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    You'd think with all the technology now they would have developed a way to treat them instead of putting them down.
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    what happened?

    edit// wow, that is sad...
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    KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. (AP) -- Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was in surgery Sunday for "life-threatening injuries" after the colt broke three bones above and below his right rear ankle at the start of the Preakness Stakes.

    Dr. Dean Richardson was operating at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center for Large Animals and said the procedure could take several hours.

    At the front gate, well-wishers already had tacked up signs: "Thank you, Barbaro," "Believe in Barbaro" and "We Love you Barbaro."

    Richardson, the chief of surgery for the center, said the damage was "very, very serious," and he's never worked on so many catastrophic injuries to one horse.

    "You do not see this severe injury frequently because the fact is most horses that suffer this typically are put down on the race track," Richardson said. "This is rare."

    "It's about as bad as it could be," he added. "The main thing going for the horse is a report that his skin was not broken at the time of injury. It's a testament to the care given to the team of doctors on the track and (jockey) Mr. Prado on the racetrack."

    Richardson said Barbaro sustained a broken cannon bone above the ankle, a broken sesamoid bone behind the ankle and a broken long pastern bone below the ankle. The fetlock joint -- the ankle -- was dislocated.

    "The aspects of the surgery will be dictated slightly by what we find," Richardson said. "But the bottom line is we will attempt to perform a fusion of that joint and to stabilize it and make it comfortable enough for him to walk on."

    Unbeaten and a serious contender for the Triple Crown, Barbaro broke down only a few hundred yards into the 1 3-16-mile Preakness. With his right leg flaring out grotesquely, the record crowd of 118,402 watched in shock as Barbaro veered sideways. Jockey Edgar Prado pulled the powerful colt to a halt, jumped off and awaited medical assistance.

    Barbaro was fitted for an inflatable cast by the attending veterinarian, Dr. Nicholas Meittinis, and the colt trained so expertly by Michael Matz was taken to the center, known as the University of Pennsylvania's George D. Widener Hospital New Bolton Center.

    Barbara Dallap, a clinician at the center, was present when Barbaro arrived Saturday night.

    "When we unloaded him, he was placed in intensive care and we stabilized him overnight," Dallap said. "He was very brave and well behaved under the situation and was comfortable overnight."

    Matz, too, was at the center Saturday night.

    "Two weeks ago we were on such a high and this is our worst nightmare," he said. "Hopefully, everything will go well with the operation and we'll be able to save him."
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    Well, speaking from experience, theres nothing you can really do with an animal that of that size, who already have frail legs to begin with. They can repair the leg, but it's infection that could end this animals life.

    My family in in the Horse race industry, and I can't tell you how many horse's we've had to put down over the last 40 years(dating way back before I was born).

    It's a sad thing to witness, let me tell you.

    I too wish science could come up with something.
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    I am not a horse race fan, but that is very sad...especially with a chance at the triple crown. I just hope the animal survives...
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    i read where he came out of the surgery fine.......
    went and ate some straw and checked out the babes........
    what a cool horse..

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