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    The players are all familiar by now, as is the rationale for selecting them, so no need for redundant commentary. I do think there will be movement but am sticking with our original picks for the purposes of this exercise.

    I will say that I think Prince is a relatively "clean" player in a position of great need, especially if speculation about Newman's departure turns out to be true. He's an instant starter who should be a solid and reliable contributor for years, which is what I want out of the 9th pick. This draft upgrades the OL in the middle rounds, although 3 in a row is probably unlikely.

    1.9 Prince Amakumara, CB, Nebraska
    2.40. Kenrick Ellis, DT, Hampton.
    3.71. Will Rackley, OG, Lehigh
    4.110. John Moffitt, OG/C, Wisconsin
    5.143. Demarcus Love, OT, Arkansas
    6.176. Kelvin Shephard, ILB, LSU
    7.220 Noel Devine, RB/K/WR, WVA
    7.252. Collin Franklin, TE, Iowa State

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