Barkley at #18?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SWG9, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. SWG9

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    Just curious how many of you would consider Barkley at #18, provided that he actually does fall that far?

    It's an interesting scenario, IMO. If the Cowboys do hold off on extending Romo and manage to get Barkley, they have a lot of leverage. They can let Romo play out this season without an extension and turn it over to Barkley in 2014. If they don't think Barkley is ready, they can franchise Romo in 2014. And if they think Barkley is a day one starter, they can explore the trade market for Romo this offseason.

    Barkley's rookie contract will certainly be less money than Romo's extension.

    This isn't about getting rid of Romo at all costs. I happen to think Romo's an excellent QB. But you're looking at it purely in terms of asset management, I think it's a pretty solid football move.

    Let's be totally honest too; is it the worst thing in the world for Romo to be playing 2013 with a fire lit under his butt?

    I've got some other thoughts on this, but I'm curious to see what the board thinks...
  2. joseephuss

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    I wouldn't consider that pick. Even if Romo retired today, I wouldn't pick Barkley at 18. The guy is not a 1st round QB. I don't even think he will be a quality NFL backup.
  3. tantrix1969

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    Not a Barkley fan at all, don't think he is anything more than another Sanchez. If we were to pick a qb this draft would much rather see Wilson or Manuel later in the draft, theres not a 1st round qb this year

    edit: and to groom them a few years, would still extend Romo
  4. Bowdown27

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    I've watched Barkley play live and he is not what the media makes him out to be. He's not that great and doesn't haven't the capability to shred a defense
  5. DFWJC

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    No thanks.

    I'll try to be polite. But this suggestion wins the very worst idea so far in this entire offseason. On so many levels this is off base. I don't even know where to begin.

    I've made some bad suggestions before too--we all ahve at some point--so you're certainly not alone.
  6. TheFinisher

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    I like Barkley so I would consider it for sure. People are fretting too much over his arm strength imo.

    Jerry would never make that pick though, he's hitched to Romo and will ride him til the wheels fall off.
  7. DFWJC

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    Matt Barkley's ceiling is Alex Smith, his target level is Matt Cassell or maybe Mark Sanchez, and he has a real chance to be Matt Leinart.

    With all the needs that the Cowboys have, why on earth would you choose this year--by all accounts a terrible QB year--to spend our 1st round pick on this player.

    Been wrong before, so...its jmo.
  8. MonsterD

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    What I think ----->:puke:
  9. burntricersx

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    Sounds like an accurate assessment... It's not exactly a group I'd ever want my QB to aspire to be. :laugh2:
  10. jobberone

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    Not a fan at all. Not a bad idea to draft the right QB though. Just don't know who that'd be in this draft.
  11. DFWJC

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    But at least this year, certainly not with our 1st round pick.
  12. speedkilz88

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    I don't know whether to :lmao: or :cry: or :ralph:
  13. TheFinisher

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    Matt Barkley went to USC. Cassell, Sanchez and Leinart went to USC. Therefore, Barkley is Cassell, Sanchez or Leinart.


    The one legit negative for Barkley is he doesn't have elite arm strength, but outside of that he's as clean as it gets. And let's not act like his arm is Colt McCoy, Fitzpatrick or Pennington bad... it's way closer to Romo, Kurt Warner, etc. Arm strength is not as important as decision making, consistency and ball placement... all strengths for Barkley.

    If he's put inside a rhythm and timing based offense like the Saints or Patriots run he'll be a 10 year starter and a highly productive QB.

    He already disproved one big negative for him, his size. A lot of people were expecting him to be 6'1 or shorter and throught he didn't have ideal size. He checked in at nearly 6'3, 227lbs with a 10 1/8in hand... sounds like ideal NFL size to me.

    Draftcountdown's scouting report:

    • Accurate with impressive touch, timing and anticipation
    • Technically sound with refined mechanics and footwork
    • Able to read coverages and work through progressions
    • Cool, calm and collected with superb pocket presence
    • Shows ability to slide and maneuver within the pocket
    • Accustomed to working under center in pro style system
    • Outstanding intelligence with extremely high football IQ
    • Excellent feel, awareness and understanding of game
    • Mature, hard working and is a respected team leader
    • A ton of experience against high-quality competition
  14. DFWJC

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    yeah...I did choose them for a reason.

    But hey, I gave him Alex Smith upside!
    I guess i could have benn kinder and stayed with them if I used Carson Palmer. But I don not see his upside as being Palmer in his prime, so Alex Smith it was.
  15. TheFinisher

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    He didn't have the team success that many expected coming into the year but there's just too many positives about this kid for me to believe he won't be a quality NFL starter. First, I think he answered a huge question at the combine when he checked in at nearly 6'3, 227lbs with over 10 inch hands. His suggested size was a major flag for him, I think many expected him to be 6'1 or shorter (drawing some Drew Brees discussion) but he clearly has the ideal measurables for the position.

    Another thing I like about him is he's been a 4 year starter, and for the majority of that time he's been incredibly consistent operating a pro style offense against top level competition. He's displayed good-great accuracy, touch and ball placement throughout his career and understands how to throw his receivers open. He's as polished as they come, repetition has embedded him with an advanced familiarity of going through his progressions, manipulating defenders, and making good decisions with the football.

    Additionally, due to a porous offensive line this season, we got to see how he operates under duress in the pocket. The results have been mixed, I thought he played a very good game against Utah showing off the ability to move around the pocket, buy time, and throw off different platforms. The 2nd half of the Stanford game was tough to watch, but I can't say he performed as poorly as people make it out to be due to how badly they were getting beat up front. I think you throw Andrew Luck in that situation and the results are similar. The 3rd game I wanted to touch on was the UCLA game. It started off horribly for SC but I thought Barkley showed some real resilience and poise, nearly bringing them all the way back. Overall, I came away pleased with what Barkley showed. It wasn't always pretty, but there were enough positives were I thought he improvised, made smart decisions with the football under pressure and will only improve on that over time.

    The arm strength and what that means for him will likely continue to be under scrutiny until we see him in NFL action. That being said, I don't see a death sentence for Barkley when measuring his arm strength. I don't think he'll get away with some of the off balance throws someone like Aaron Rodgers does but how many QBs can? With Barkley's arm I see it falling somewhere in the Matt Ryan range, not the strongest but it rarely affects how he's able to play the game.

    Lastly, I like the leadership qualities he brings to the table. He's someone I can envision being the face of a franchise. He dealt with his fair share of adversity at USC. First with the sanctions, he could have easily transferred at any point or declared after his Junior season but he stuck it out, honored the commitment, and passed up the money to try and win a NC with his teammates. He's also by all accounts a hard worker on the field and in the film room. Those intangibles are going to make him easily likable in an NFL lockerroom and will help him win over teammates.

    I think if he lands in a rhythm and timing based offense like the Pats or Saints run or any West Coast type offense his ceiling is a Pro-Bowl caliber QB. Regardless, I see a kid who can have a long career and become dangerous if surrounded with some blue chip weapons.
  16. RS12

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    Barkley had a better O Line in 11 at USC and better receivers than the current Cowboy team. Behind the current O Line it is too scary to even think about. He had a bad O Line in 12 and ended up getting his shoulder jacked and having a sub par year. I am not a huge fan but I could see him succeeding for a team that has most of the pieces in place. Bottom line I dont see a fit here.
  17. TheCount

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    If we draft a USC QB, that'll be a wrap for my fandom. Does any program produce more overhyped, overrated prospects? I think not.
  18. 17yearsandcounting

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    Notre Dame!!
  19. speedkilz88

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    If anyone thought a 6-3 guy was 6-1 or under they suck as a talent evaluator and are in serious need of some glasses.
  20. jterrell

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    He has already been surrounded by dangerous weapons at USC. Most NFL teams would take Marquise Lee and Robert Woods right now.

    He is not worth an R1 pick but someone will pony up because of the position and the lack of QBs this year.

    His 64% comp percentage is solid but not great. He ranked 41st and behind such accurate arms as David Ash.... Geno Smith was at 71%.

    His 36 TDs are a very solid total but his 15 picks were a bit high.

    And yes the recent success of USC QBs will count against him. There is actually quite a lot of similarity between he and Sanchez.

    Sanchez completed 64% of his passes for 34 TDs and 10 INTs. He was 6'2" and 225.

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