Bars in Dallas where Cowboys players and fans hang out???

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by fryguy, Aug 28, 2005.

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    We live in Pennsylvania and went down last year for the Eagles/Dallas game and were unhappy to see more Eagles fans than Dallas fans IN DALLAS! We can see that up here. We are going back down and are staying at the Omni Hotel about six miles from the stadium. Wanted to know about bars to go to in Dallas where fans and or players might be? Also a good sports bar that we can go to watch Sunday NFL Games and have a few drinks. Someone told me that there is a place in something Valley that former players own and the players and fans hang out there but didnt know the name. Hopefully some local people can help us out!!!

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    The Big Apple on 360 and Trinity (on Trinity just off 360) Any Taxi driver should know where this place is. Great sports bar. Craig Ludwig brought the Stanley cup there after the stars won the Cup in 99. Awesome place to watch any game.

    Thats not the Cowboys Cafe (the place I think your talking about in Valley Ranch). Its (Big Apple) a locals spot with a lot of strangers showing up every week-end. But 5 minutes inside and your a regular and a friend.

    Dont know anythin about the place you mentioned (like I say I think its Cowboys cafe). But for a good time you cant go wrong at the big apple, unless your a skins fan and their playing the boys this week.
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    There are lots of places.

    Cowboys Cafe was owned by Tony D and other Cowboys at one point so as you'd imagine it was packed with Cowboy fans. Try closer to Valley Ranch which is where Cowboys' Cafe is.

    Hotels and places right by them cater to fans who fly in.

    Here's some photos and such from Cowboys Cafe with ESPN103.3
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    try here:
    Cowboy Sports Cafe Bar & Grill
    (972) 506-8088

    9454 N Macarthur Blvd
    Irving, TX 75063

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