Battlestar Galactica - Final - some questions

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    Overall I have many questions.

    I am not sure what I thought of it yet. I see alot of overreacting to how bad it was and I see alot of praising for how great it was. I dont know.

    My questions overall:

    • What secret did Gaius know about Gaeta?
    • Where is #7?
    • On the next go 'round is it the Final 3? Tori and Anders are gone now.
    • Who was John and why did Cavil get made when Ellen called him that?
    • Cavil just gave up Hera that easily?
    • Dying leader will lead them to earth but not make it to earth themselves?
    • Who left note that there are 12 cylon models?
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    I watched the final episode and was confused the entire way though. Because I have not watched the series at all. I was so excited with it was announced they were remaking the series. But the thing was far to hard to follow IMO. To many subplots per episode. It looked well done as far as effects but for my taste like I said it was too hard to follow. I may try it again on DVD
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    I really enjoyed the first two seasons. The third season started getting way to spiritual and to emo. The last season had me way too confused. I'm glad they ended it to be honest. It used to be one of my favorite shows.

    As for your questions Mick.......I seriously have no idea.

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    Actually, in the fall there is a TV movie called "The Plan" - the cylons point of view.

    So there is more.

    I agree, seasons 3 and 4 could have been combined to tell what they actually told.

    The producers actually admit to making things up as they go along. I think it showed.

    Where is DallasEast? He is the expert on this? :laugh2:
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    And a prequel series called Caprica on the way.

    I did get one chuckle out of the final ep. The guy reading the magazine while Balter and 6 are talking was the producer Ronald Moore. :laugh2:
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    I'll give it a shot from memory. So if I'm wrong, I'm blaming it on the Alzheimers...
    Gaeta was Baltar's chief advisor on New Caprica. Both were under duress from their Cylon overlords to create lists of select humans who would be placed in concentration camps and/or tortured for information about Galactica's and Pegasus's whereabouts. While Baltar was guilty of signing the orders, it was Gaeta who was responsible for compiling the lists. The general populace were never fully aware of Gaeta's participation after Adama freed them from Cylon enslavement.
    According to Ellen Tigh, she, Tigh, Tyrol, Sam and Tory created Daniel (I believe that was the model's name). The model was a gentle, non-violent type which Cavil abhorred and he took the whole make off-line just as he had with the Deannas. Basically, there were really thirteen Cylon models, but petty hatred trimmed the number down to an even twelve.
    There are two future shows: a series and a two-hour (I think) movie. Caprica will explain the creation of human looking Cylons by humans grieving over the deaths of loved ones well-before the war. How that may or may not tie into the Final Five's storyline is beyond me. The movie will focus on telling the Cylons' side of the story, focusing on the specifics behind their grand "plan".
    Cavil rename himself. His given name was John. He hate the name, along with all the other limitations which the Final Five gave him by making him more human like.
    Yep. He probably wagered that after the Final Five would supply him with Resurrection technology, he could patiently search and capture Hera again without the risk of permanent death.
    They made it to Earth. Earth was the planet which the Final Five Cylons escaped annihilation from. The angel reincarnation of Starbuck led them there. In the final episode, Starbuck led them to a planet with beings who closely shared the same DNA as themselves. During one of the last conversations with President Roslin, Adama "renamed" the unnamed planet was Earth. So, technically, Roslin led her people to the "promised land" before passing on.
    If I remember correctly, that was the note which Adama found in his quarters? Right or wrong? If I'm correct, I believe the note was subconsciously planted there by a Cylon to help Adama. The question is by whom?

    The suspects would have been Sharon (the Boomer model), Tigh, Ellen or Tyrol, in my opinion. They all had easy access to Adama's quarters.

    At that time, the Deannas, Dorals, Cavils and Simons, who may or may not have been hiding within the human population, were all hellbent on killing every human, so that eliminates them. The Leobens and Sixes grew more philosophical about sparing the human race, but that feeling wasn't as strong at the beginning (even though the Leobens seemed to share some sort of empathic kinship with Kara Thrace).

    Tory still believed that she was a human and was living on one of the other ships before she eventually replace Roslin's advisor after his death. And Sam was still fighting a guerilla (sp?) war back on Caprica before Kara rescued him. Neither of the two could have gotten aboard the Galactica and planted the note.

    I would scratch Sharon from the list. Her programming was to eventually kill Adama. I doubt that even subconsciously she tried to help him with more intel on the enemy.

    Since the final three suspects were members of the Final Five who had their memories erased by Cavil, I would place my bet on the one most loyal to Adama and that would be Tigh. The information was buried deep in his memory banks (yep, I had to say it) and even though he would not have consciously thought of supplying Adama with the intel, he could have subsciously motivated himself to type the message and slip it into Adama's quarters. Just my opinion.

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    How does a child cylon(Cavil) have that control over the Final Five to erase their memory or turn them on and off?

    I read on another board that Gaeta's secret was that he was betrayed by an 8 in the minisodes and that is why he went the mutiny route.

    Overall I would have preferred a evolution-based story instead of creationism.

    Like life, the show ultimately just turned out to be about "decisions" for everyone in the show. The destination of possibly "it has happened before..." was predetermined before they shot the first episode.
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    Cylons are machines. They are as smart as their programming. Hello. :)
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    This was a testament to both BSG's audacity and its ability to skirt the issue. It took the three main theories regarding the creation of life--Creationism, Evolution, and alien-origin--and, incorporated them into the plot of the show without giving preeminence to any one.

    The intelligent design-centered element of BSG's storyline was a bold move in light of the average science fiction audience and modern sci-fi shows such as Star Trek, which has become the standard for hard, mainstream science fiction. Star Trek espouses a completely secular, naturalistic view of the universe in which all phenomena (such as the origin of life) are explainable through causes that are completely quantifiable and predictable.

    When Star Trek addresses spiritual or religious issues, it almost always does so through a suspicious or behavioral lens, rejecting any notion that supernatural forces are capable of affecting the universe in a mechanistic way. Such dismissive attitudes towards the supernatural and religion are commonplace in modern science fiction.

    BSG completely bucked this trend, however. The idea that the remnants of the colonial fleet were, for all intents and purposes, led to Earth by "angels" is anathema to modern science fiction. It was an audacious and daring move on the part of BSG's writers when Starbuck's ghost simply disappeared once her divinely-ordained purpose was fulfilled, without even attempting to explain in a scientific way her resurrection or the force that brought about her ressurection.
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    That's most of it. As alluded to in another post, you needed to see the last webisode series to get all of it. Gaeta was indeed formulating the lists of humans who would be placed in camps or murdered outright. However, he was working with an "8" who he believed was trying to help each of the people he named escape. In actuality, the "8" was rounding up and executing the people Gaeta gave her.

    To add more info to what DallasEast has already posted. John Cavil was the first Cylon built by the Final Five. The Final Five then helped him construct the remaining seven models. His hatred for the #7 line (Daniel) was brought about by the jealousy he felt over the close relationship Daniel and Ellen shared. Not only did he "box" the Daniel line of Cylons, he corrupted their programming effectively killing off the #7 line.

    Another eason for changing his name is that John was the name of Ellen's father. Supposedly Cavil (John) was made in the image of Ellen's father.

    My oppinion of the show overall, it's the best show I have ever seen on TV. I absolutely loved it. I can however see how someone who didn't watch from the begiing of season one could get confused.

    The only question I was left with after the final was, where were the Deannas. I didn't see any in the final episode. I saw the other eleven, but I can't remember seeing her. Did I just miss her? If not, does anyone know why she was absent?

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    Overall I liked the show.

    Some hated the ending some loved it.

    I will just take it for what it was... the end(of the story).

    To me, it was rushed and overexplained.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Overall I like the show.

    Some hated the ending some loved it.

    I will just take it for what it was... the end(of the story).

    To me, it was rushed and the last few minutes overexplained.
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    i was pissed that my cable company (comcast) got rid of the sci-fi channel. Its all i would watch later in the evening
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    I would not say 'the best', but I can easily say (for me) it's one of the best television series I've ever watched.
    (EDIT: For those who have never seen the series, there is a fantastic eight-minute summary called, "What The Frak Is Going On BSG?". It outlines the first three seasons of the show in a very humorous, but intelligent way. I would post the YouTube link, but my job has installed more content blocking software on my network and I can't even reach the site. :mad: )

    I had the same question about the Deannas. It's [strike]near[/strike] impossible to miss a buxom blonde bombshell like Lucy Lawless. During her interview in "The Last Frakking Special", Lawless kinda inferred that there were some who didn't like her bringing Xena baggage with her onto the show. I wonder if that may have played a part in her absence during the final episode? Just reaching for straws here...
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    HHHMMMM thats strange I have Comcast and I have the Sci-fi channel.
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    The best thing about BSG:
    6 (platinum and dirty blonde versions)

  17. DallasEast

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    I can't use photobucket while I'm at work! :bang2:

    I've linked the images to my yahoo site. If anyone wants to, quote the message, but delete the image. The bandwidth used by copying will get used up real quick! :eek::
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    I was one of those who didn't follow the show from the begining but my friends talked endlessly about it so i got online and got caught up a year ago. I'm glad i did because it was a fantastic show and i thouroughly enjoyed it. The last episode did leave me wanting more and wasn't all that satisfied with it.
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    It was by far the best Science Fiction series to hit the airwaves since the original Star Trek broke into the line up in the 60's.

    There were a lot of sub-plots, but the entire story could not have been told without them. Each sub-plot in some way added to the over all arch of the story, imo, and that is not something you can say about all series, not just a scifi series.

    Unlike Star Wars hang up with current events (when it was released), BSG explored the sociopolitical aspects in a much more in depth and philisophicle manner. As has been mentioned, the creationism versus Evolution versus alien origin was another stroke of pure SciFi genious in that it didn't clobber you over the head with a "either/or" scenario.

    I do agree with EJO in that Battlestar Gallactica will be looked at in 25 years the way that Blade Runner is looked at today.
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    I've always like Eddie in everything he has done.

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