Baylor's Pro Day of Phil Taylor & Danny Watkins

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ms9221, Mar 4, 2011.

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    WACO, Texas — Baylor’s most prominent draft prospects, DT Phil Taylor and G Danny Watkins, maintained the momentum from their strong NFL Scouting Combine performances with a solid showing Thursday at the school’s pro day.
    And it’s a good thing, too, because 23 NFL teams were represented among the 33 personnel folks on hand to watch the indoor workout on FieldTurf, including Panthers defensive line coach Eric Washington and Cowboys offensive line coach Hudson Houck. Both gentlemen had to be impressed with what they saw from the two highly-touted prospects.
    Both Taylor and Watkins elected to stand on their numbers at the combine, but they worked out extremely well in position drills. I already had Taylor (6-foot-3, 334 pounds) among my top-30 prospects, and I believe he might have solidified himself as a first-round pick with his workout.
    As for Watkins (6-3, 310), his football experience is limited, but he has dramatically improved his stock since the combine. He wasn’t among my initial ‘Hot 100′ but is currently ranked in the top 50, based on his combine. And after this workout today, I believe he has a shot at going in the second round. What’s interesting about Watkins is his age. He’s 26 years old, and I wonder how much of a hindrance that could potentially be considered, but it’s pretty clear this guy is going to be a good football player.
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    I don't Watkins til the 3rd, maybe 4th.

    26 is old, real old, for a rookie.
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    wasnt T-NEW 25 when we drafted him in the 1st round?
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    As opposed to Brewster who is like 25 and already been cut once.
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    well a contract at most any more runs 6 years; probably 4 for a rookie. So he would be 30 at the end of his rookie contract. But on the other hand his body has not had the wear and tear since he has not played that much.
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    Not a fan at all.

    Hate him in 2.

    I wouldn't cry if we took him in 3 but I'd take 3-4 other guys before him in that range.

    Yes Tnew was 25 as a rookie but he was an immediate starter at a premium position.
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    Yes. Houck was there.

    Danny Watkins can start for Dallas.
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    Yeah, cuz Dallas has such a good eye for OL talent and Houck has been coaching his brains out recently.

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