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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 30, 2006.

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    First, Carpenter was a logical choice, one many Cowboys fans had rated highly... this one came as no surprise... it might not have been a "sexy" pick, one that gets folks jazzed up, but Bobby could turn into a nice starter for years to come... perhaps he'll never be a Pro Bowler, but a solid starter?? Absolutely... he also figures to compete for a starting job right away...

    I'd give this pick an A minus...

    The Fasano pick really, really puzzled me at first... with Jason Witten and Ryan Hannam locks to make the team, and the Boys still saying they wanted to see what Sean Ryan, Brett Pierce and Tony Curtis have to offer, I just didn't figure that the Boys would be shopping for a TE, certainly not THIS early... but now I read the team wants to use a lot more two TE sets next year; that makes this pick a lot more understandable... he does seem to be an all-around TE, once qh offers something as both a blocker and as a receiver... anyway, I didn't even have Fasano on my draft board, the only possible first day TE I had listed was Tim Day... but when I read one scouting report that likened him to Mark Bavaro, well, I quickly figured out what Parcells liked about him, LOL...

    I'll give this pick a B minus, maybe a C plus...

    Hatcher was on my draft board, but I had him as an early second day prospect, which is my way of saying he was a LITTLE bit of a reach at this point... but if the Boys are committed to the 3-4, and it sure looks like they are, then Jason is a perfect fit for what they're doing... he has the frame to play at 295 pounds easy, and a 4.85 second 40... he also put up nice numbers when it comes to sacks and tackles for loss at Grambling his last two years...

    I'll give this pick a B plus... can't go any higher than that, because he WAS a bit of a reach...

    Which means that I've give the Boys a B plus for their first day... perhaps they didn't do as well as they did last year, but they made out OK for themselves... and in the process, they now have 6 picks tomorrow, which should make things a bit more entertaining... they are set up to have themselves a really productive Sunday...
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    ah, a voice of reason
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    He MUST be banned. Where is Eddie when you need him?
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    :laugh2: I'm sure he'll be here to brighten our day soon enough.
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    Total agreement----someone with much more then a knee jerk reaction
    :bow: Maybe the professionals know what they are doing and we are,
    like it or not, uninformed arm chair GM's who only think we know what and who is best:laugh1:
  6. JakeCamp12

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    I will be the first to say I know nothing about the players BP took, and I am not much of a draft geek. Bear, you at least had some logic to your thoughts and I thought you were pretty fair. I will be rooting for the entire draft class to make the team, because I believe young players and young teams win Super Bowls, and I feel the talent on this team is increasing with every draft BP does. I like how Ireland has approached this draft and I think today you will see the OLine and FS taken care of. The only player I would have allowed JJ and BP to move up for was Huff. But that would have been way to expensive. Thanks for the logical analysis Bear...
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    Eddie's version of the Bluebird of Happiness :D :

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    IMO the Carpenter pick is solid, but going with a TE and DE with the other two picks seems a bit odd. picking up a few picks on day two saves this from a C+... still, i think we helped our team and obviously these were guys who we targeted, so in that respect i'm happy.
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    NFL Network Cory Chavous said Hatcher was 1 of 3 players that fit the 3-4 scheme I believe that is why Dallas didnt want to wait till day 2 with this pick. He was a bit of a reach at the 3rd but maybe to good on some boards to wait that long for in rd 4
  10. Eddie

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    I'm here. Trying to soak in what happened yesterday.

    Gonna hit the gym in abit to work off some frustration.

    I won't rag on the Carpenter pick anymore ... not like I wasn't warned. His name was written on a Mac truck headed straight for us. As long as he's able to apply pressure on the QB, then I'll be happy with this pick. But if he turns into JAG at OLB, then I'll be seriously PO'd.

    I don't like the Fasano and Hatcher picks though. I think BPA is great, but there are similar graded players who can help us immediately.

    I also don't like projects ... and definitely not in the 3rd round.
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    Nice job SB. The Cowboys really knew Hatcher would be gone if they wait until today to get him. Several teams (including NE) had him on the radar so the Cowboys moved in. Next year, this kid is really going to be something for us. Be sure to read my sig line.
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    Mr silverbear......I must say I agree w/you.

    I like the Carpenter pick. I have concerns with the Fasano pick, not the position, if we are indeed changing our O philosophy, but w/the player. Having a plate screwed into his back makes be very suspect of his durability.

    Hatcher was coveted by several teams....Arizona being one of them. I agree w/the statement you can't have to mny DLmen.

    Having said that.....I don't think you can have to many OLmen as well.:)
  13. adbutcher

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    Be careful about what you say because by agreeing with BP and co will degrade your demigod status to some of the posters here.

    Great job as always SB.
  14. silverbear

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    Don't you just HATE when that happens?? :D

    I have a notion we might just see a pick or two spent in that area today...
  15. SMCowboy

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    I agree with you on this one. Bobby Carpenter is not the sexiest pick, but, he is without a doubt one of the most solid though unspectacular players in the draft.

    I agree with you, that I was a little suprised with the Anthony Fasano pick until I heard that we were going with a 2 TE set. Fasano is probally the best all around TE in the draft. And is a guy that Ron Jaworski said that he was the best first day pick in the whole draft. And he is the PERFECT compliment to Jason Witten in a 2 TE set, a powerful blocker who has very good hands. I would say that this is a B+

    I disagree that hatcher was a reach at all. Goose had him as the 88th player on his board. New Orleans had him targeted as the 2nd pick in the 4th round it really is not a position of need though, although you can never have to many big powerful DL men. That said, I do agree that he is a B to a B+.

    Well, may not agree with some of the players, but I would agree with the grade, a B+ is about right. They have not reached at all, but have not been as lucky as last year when it comes the right guys falling to them.
  16. CrazyCowboy

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    Nice reads...
  17. JackMagist

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    No arguement whatsoever. I wanted Lawson because I think he has more long term upside but in the short term Carpenter is the player that is more ready to go now. And as you said Carpenter will be solid for years to come. I'll even make it a solid A pick.

    This pick still bothers me though it does make more sense with the two TE set becoming our base O. I still can't bet past the Doctors report that said he was too high risk to be taken this early. That steel plate in his back has been my biggest sticking point with him all along....that and I still question the need somewhat with all the TE's already on the roster. I'll upgrade my grade to a C - on him but that is as high as I can go with his bad back...Mark Bavaro comparisons or no. BTW wasn't Bavaro's career cut short byu a bad back?

    I give this pick a solid B+ because once you get past our top three DE's you get into some guys who are a lot more iffy. Coleman is slow and I think Ratliff will be moving inside unless we draft a NT on second day. Hatcher is a raw talent but I don't really think he was a reach since it appears that there were two other teams ready to take him within the next 10 picks. IF he was early second day on your board then late first day is not much of a reach.

    I still give them a solid B. Up from the C to C- I gave them right after the draft. But I'm reserving judgement on Fasano until we see how his back holds up. That is just such a huge red flag to me.
  18. fortdick

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    If Pops agrees, it must be true. The definative evaluation.

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