Before I go to high school mock #2

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TrueBeliever007, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I think it is almost certain that Iupati, Thomas, Dez, and Davis will not fall to us.

    So we trade our first round pick to Cleveland for their 2nd and 3rd.

    2a. Nate Allen FS

    2b. Dexter McCluster WR

    3a. J.D. Walton C

    3b. Javier Arenas CB

    4. Marshall Newhouse OG/OT

    6. Micah Johnson ILB

    7. John Conner FB

    J'Marcus Webb OT
    Kelton Tindall WR
    David Gettis WR
    Doug Worthington DE
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    we should be able to get more than their 2nd and 3rd, say should be able to get their
    2nd, 3rd, 5th, and maybe 7th, but at least their 2nd, 3rd and 5th,

    remember we will be moving back 11 spots,

    so lets see thats 680 points for our 27th slot
    thats 530 points for clevelands 2nd rounder, with 102 points for their 3rd
    thats a total of 632, so they owe us some more points
    thier 5th rounder is worth 39 points

    so thats a total of 671, almost enough

    add in a 7th thats worth 13.2 would be enough,

    they have to give us alittle more for moving down that much

    now what you could do is this, say trade down with colts, get a 2nd and 3rd, then trade down again, to cleveland, get another 3rd and 5th

    that way you would have a 2nd, our 2nd, a 3rd, 3rd, our 3rd, and a 5th along with our 4, 6 and 7th.

    that would be well enough ammunition to get some key players like mccluster, jason fox, dorin dickerson, spikes, veldeemer or a top safety, joseph dt;/nt etc...
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    It's fun to look at the draft value charts for general value relationships based on an average draft year. I use them too.

    Just some general information on the drafts value charts:

    They are only a general guidleline for the average fan to get a rough idea of what possible fair value would be in an average draft year.

    Teams do not go by these charts to the letter....and sometimes not even close. Every year they change based on the draft itself and how each team values various slots.

    The charts would fall apart pretty badly in deeper-than-usual drafts like this year, so 2nd and 3rd round picks may have much more value than in the average year.

    And finally and of course, each trade and slot is dependent on what players are available and what their value is and what the percevicec needs are for teams in and around those picks. This becomes less important deeper in the draft.
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    thats very true, but you have to remember, the cowboys do use such a chart, jerry jones said so one time

    and got to remember was jimmy johnson that came up with the draft chart trade idea or something along those lines
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    i tried that in one of my mocks but i dont think any one like it

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