Behold Jerry's football salvation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, May 9, 2014.

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    I've said some pretty dadgum ugly things on this board, and others, about Jerry Jones. Just like many of you, I know, but I'd bet few have been as specifically harsh as me. Biting digs, personal shots, fueled by disgust and anger and hopelessness. Damn near over the line a few times, I admit. Certainly beyond a point my mama would be OK with, for sure.

    And so on a morning like this, I owe him the courtesy of an attaboy, and with the same intensity.

    There I sat, feeling like my 40 years of fandom were hanging in the balance. Jerry found himself on the Mount of Temptation, with the football antichrist dangling the shiniest lure in the kingdom right in front of his nose. #2 jerseys could not have been printed fast enough. The lights would have been brighter than ever.

    But Jerry spurred that deal with the devil and kept his faith in Will McClay. Manziel is another player for another team in another predicament altogether. Not here, where line-of-scrimmage sins are diminishing, but still remain, after years of drafting blasphemy.

    Lo, our ugliest roster transgression of two years ago has been converted into the strength of this team. A decent running team from a year ago can be even better. Our battered and abused QB can now stand in with more confidence, and perhaps be required to throw less. The best defenses will not dictate to Dallas anymore.

    Smith-Leary-Frederick-Martin-Free. Youth, strength, size, smarts, ability. It worked in the 90s to perfection, and I can't wait to see if this group can resurrect that bruising style yet again. Nothing is worse than offense with no offensive line, as we can all rightly attest.

    This was important for Romo, as well as our next QB. Murray probably can't wipe the smile off his face, and Randle, Dunbar, and backs not yet here will have better careers for it. Dez will be better, as will all the receivers.

    Even the defense will benefit greatly. Third-down conversions rest weary defensive legs.

    Football-wise, the pundit criticisms are way off. Dallas HAS added six, possibly seven, defensive linemen to the team already, PLUS they'll add more tonight. Melton, Mincey, McClain, Spencer, Crawford, Bass, maybe Brent, plus tonight's newbies. None of them played here last year.

    A lot of folks are enraged that Manziel wasn't picked. Good, and I wish to heck they'd leave our fan base altogether because they account for that embarrassing know-nothing band of Cowboy fans we have to tolerate. They make the rest of us look bad. We'll have another QB in a 3-4 years no matter what, and I wouldn't be surprised if Manziel is out of the league altogether by then. He might be good, but I just don't see it. I see a pizza delivery boy who's going to get crushed at this level. Certainly not worth the risk here, although Cleveland makes sense.

    And adding him here would have caused unmitigated chaos - including a city-wide QB controversy the first pick Romo threw - and wouldn't have addressed a single roster need on this team. The national media would have dogpiled Jerry and Manziel mercilessly just for fun, even moreso than they do Romo, who actually is top tier. Manziel will be treated with kid gloves in Cleveland, but not here he wouldn't.

    Apparently, Will McClay agrees, and God bless that man. I don't know how he cracked the code with Jerry, but he's earned his confidence and the right to counsel. Addictions die hard, and I suspect Jerry didn't sleep well last night, tossing and twitching without that Manziel fix he had in his hand.

    It feels so cleansing to know that there actually is a plan, and they followed it. No doubt they wanted Donald or Barr, but it fell the way it did, and they stayed true. It will pay dividends long from now.

    So I applaud Jerry, the football man. I respect the will power that took. I genuinely do. He's being praised nationally, and deservedly so.

    Jerry is my GM today. Well done.
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    I know I've mentioned this before, but you really ought to be a columnist.

    And yes, drafting Manziel would have led to 2-3 years of endless "Start Johnny over Romo" furor and clamoring. Most GMs and head coaches would have wanted to avoid that.
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    Really outstanding post, erod.
  4. CashMan

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    I am usually a pessimist when it comes to the Cowboys, but right now, I am excited and an optimist! Maybe Jason is finally getting to do, what he wants. It is starting to look like Tyron's draft was his, Fredrick's might have been and the outlier was Claiborne's. I REALLY like Martin.
  5. CowboyStar88

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    I'm sorry I take issue with you telling fans who wanted Johnny that they know nothing and should leave this fandom.

    Who are you? The end all? I will never turn my 30 years of being a fan if this team in. Just because I wanted to look towards the future means nothing. It's sad that a few group of posters here would rather gloat and bait other fans because they didn't get the guy they wanted.
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    Thanks, Red. But I gotta eat. LOL

    It's a fine day in Cowboy land, for sure.
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    Most have been wrong about Jerry Jones.
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    Good style of writing but I guess since you couldnt attack Jerry today you had to find another target, that being the fans that liked JF and could see him as the next franchise QB for Dallas (me included). Im good with our pick he has all pro potential some day. I have two game jerseys currently, Romo white and Romo blue and I hope he last 3 more years but he was off last year and will be fragile the rest of his career. That comes with back surgery ask Troy.
  9. AbeBeta

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    I think it was a good suggestion
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    If Martin happens to get hurt or doesn't play well, or Manziel shines and becomes the next Staubach, you aren't going to be bashing him in hindsight, are you? :) Just checking.
  11. foofighters

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    lol, a bit sensitive are we? I have been reading Erod's posts for years on another board before I came here and I can tell you, he's spot on with saying what he has. Just because you love johnnyboy doesn't mean he was speaking to you.
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    I agree with your main point that it took ALOT for Jerry to take Martin over JF. Good luck Johnny. Except when you play the Cowboys.;);)
  13. CowboyStar88

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    I don't really care what your opinion is. Didn't say he was speaking directly to me. I don't think anyone has the right to call people out because they like a player. That's jibberish. I also never stated that erod is a bad poster as u enjoy his posts. I had issue with something he said I stated it and moved on.
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  14. CowboyStar88

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    I guess that makes it right
  15. dallasfan4lizife

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    I can't believe you guys think Jerry had any other choice.

    He has 48 million reasons in the next 2 seasons why he NEEDS Romo to start at QB.

    How could you justify paying a bench QB that much? and how could you justify drafting JF with the cap space that Tony would take if he were cut?

    kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place if you ask me..

    there was absolutely no D-lineman on the board. Also, not sure why we didn't go safety with pryor and clinton-dix sitting there.
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  16. Cowboy Brian

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    I'm honestly shocked, we made the right call hopefully, but as I said last night (and got ridiculed for) I wouldn't be shocked to see the Browns boast the Lombardi at the end of this season as long as Manziel is competent. They've got a good line, ace defense, and now a QB. If they add a WR2 and Tate stays healthy they could be the surprise team of the year... and the rueing will be deadly if Manziel wins a Super Bowl year one.
  17. AmberBeer

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    Maybe Jerry's been listening to fans such as you and I after all?
  18. erod

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    Yeah, let's go with that and do the rooster strut.

    My genuine hope is that Stephen and Garrett and whoever else is getting through to him on some level.

    It's a happy day.
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    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Right, because Stephen and Garrett have proven to have such sound football acumen.
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  20. AsthmaField

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    Jerry has made more than his share of mistakes. However, he's learning. He is a smart guy and the way Dallas has been drafting for a while has been very solid (except for the trainwreck that was 2009).

    I expect more smart decisions tonight.

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