Behold Jerry's football salvation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, May 9, 2014.

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    It was surprisingly refreshing.
  2. erod

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    The reason I include RG3 is that his mobility (and courage to run) is being chipped away from him, and in the pocket, he's lost and lonely. He's at a major crossroads. I think Manziel will experience that, too. That's why I don't commit a first round pick there.

    Wilson had a bad stretch of games last year. He's good, but in the sense that Jim McMahon or Rich Gannon were good at this point. He's not carrying that team as much as it's carrying him. Good leadership qualities, and built much more sturdy than Manziel.

    Manziel got owned by Missouri. The NFL is not a 5-receiver spread league like college, and there isn't room to run all over the place. And when he does, he can expect the hits to bring about 50 more pounds of force. Even the corners hit hard in the NFL. If he can't hang in the pocket like Steve Young, he won't make it, and at that height, he can't see where he's throwing. Brees has to play on his tiptoes and stretch high to throw the ball over the line. Manziel is a sidearmer. I see oodles and oodles of interceptions because of that.
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    Like a bar of Irish Spring? Wow, that's high praise. Thanks.
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    I think Houston likes Carr more than Manziel, and they take him first tonight.

    Wouldn't that be a hoot. Drafted David, then his little brother.
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    I would just hope that fan base gives him a shot. They didn't do David any favors with his oline. But I think they trade out of the pick or go Jimmy G. I agree with Charlie he has the quickest release. If you can get Clowney 1 and Jimmy 2 I would take that all day over JFB. For me I like JFB but I also like Murray almost as much. I would love to take Murray and let him sit.
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    I agree on all of it until you said people who thought we should have drafted johnny should leave the fanbase. Lol I was one and I'm not going anywhere. I loved the martin pick and believe we weill have a top 10 if not top 5 ol this season.
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    And, it was about a year-ago - minus a few hours - when, after moving down and taking the Beard in the first round, and getting a third-round pick that turned into Terrance Williams, Jerry reverted to form and took Escobar in the second. Perhaps we should wait until later tonight to celebrate the new Jerry.
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    Not sure Houston fans will be happy with that. lol

    Some of my Texan as well as Texas A&M buddies did not show up to work today, little concerned about them. lol
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    and if Escobar pans out into the TE people like Mayock expects he will people may one day sing a different tune on Escobar.
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    you can get a Browns #2 jersey online today
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    I agree, he might be a good player down the road, but he was of little help last year for a 2nd round pick. We were an 8-8 team with many needs that needed a difference maker and instead we got a tight end who couldn't block. It wouldn't be so bad, but Jerry did the same thing with MartyB, who did turn into a player who performed to his draft position after a few years - for the Bears.:(
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    Attaboy jerry.

    Smh @ this thread
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    lol, that didn't last long
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    erod that certainly was a good article. and pointing out the obvious about JFB was well just obvious.
    there was a huge controversy over JFB and observing the results between the two was appropriate.
    no reason to get your skirt blown up . It's happy day
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    reading this thread after last night is pretty funny.
  16. cowboy_ron

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    Let's compare:

    1st. Beckham...good pick...was a 1st rd grade

    2nd. Winston Richburg C...........
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 3-4

    3rd. Jay Bromley DT......
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 4-5


    1. Marcus Smith OLB........
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 3-4

    2. Jordan Mathews WR......
    Draft Projection
    Rounds it's about right

    3. Josh Huff WR.....
    Draft Projection
    Rounds 5-6

    Jerry's not looking too bad from here
  17. xwalker

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    I'm sure he is just tired of the endless Manziel threads.

    Drafting Manziel was an all-time bad idea when all of the circumstances are considered. About 99% of the Pro Manziel people didn't understand the cap ramifications and/or were not realistic in how much the hype of having him and Romo on the team together would be a major distraction.
  18. jnday

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    I agree 100%. The very same McCla had Manziel rated very high on his boards. He must be stupid too. I would like to see the OPs reaction if Romo goes down with another back injury and the team is stuck with Weeden playing QB for a few years while Jerry fumbles around looking for a real QB. The fans wanting to gamble on Romo's age and health , along with Jerry, has forgotten the post Aikman years. To top it off, I have never seen a team and fans so scared of getting some competition at the QB position. We should do without a stud, young QB so there will be no QB controversies in the media. That is the way to build a champion. Make sure that their QB has no competition and no replacement when he retires. Jimmy wasn't afraid to draft Walsh. Landry had Danny and Roger after he had Morton and Roger. The posters that didn't want Manziel can't have it both ways. They praise the team for having a high rating on Martin, but the same scouts are stupid for having Manziel rated high because he is going to be a bust. I have stated before that I am not a big Manziel fan and I have never watched more than one quarter of any game that he has played in, but I do see that he has talent. The Cowboys saw it too. Fans have been saying for years that they wish a top QB prospect would fall like Rodgers did and when it happens, they praise the team for not taking him. Go figure.
  19. jnday

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    I keep hearing about the cap ramifications. Is Martin cheaper? If Romo goes down with an injury, will his salary still hit the cap? Yes it will. Cutting an overpayed Orton would have helped pay a top QB prospect's salary and the backup QB prospect would be the future at the position. There is no future QB on the roster and it will never be if the team continues with this short-sighted management.
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    Me thinks the praising of Jerry Jones is a bit premature. One sane moment does not erase a legacy of futility. But I guess we must grasp hope where we find it. Sigh. :(

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