Being proactive defending the read option

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by newnationcb, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. newnationcb

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    I was just thinking about that play and a couple.of things came to mind:

    1. Why don't we design some plays where the OLB designated to Griffin actually fakes like he's going for the RB and then lunges at him regardless. That'll be sure to inject some tentativeness in that play.

    2. I know some teams have tried this before and even had Griffin complaining about this at the start of the season but my first half game plan will be to lay hard hits on him regardless of if he gave up the ball or not. I think he adjusted his fakes to a style where be gives up himself quicker if be doesn't have the ball but I'd like to see them push the envelope.
  2. aikemirv

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    The game plan we had on Thanksgiving was good. We were flying all over the pace. If we can do what we did on defense for 3 qtrs of the game, the whole game, we will win going away.

    Out oline was putrid on Thanksgiving with Bernadeau at center and Dockery at Guard. I think we will do well!
  3. Eddie

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    Put a helment in Griffindor's chest every time he runs the ball. The running will end very quickly.
  4. ctrous25

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    I actually use to have my DE ( read guy for the opposing QB) come in hard like he was taking the dive read but actually go in for QB it worked twice but after that the qb was just giving it to the FB and my inside backers couldn't get off blocks so we got destroyed by the veer option , bottom line is this: defending the option is assignment football, what makes rg3 so good is that he is so good in the pocket as well
  5. Doomsday101

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    I have to agree with Spears the key is not RGIII the key is Morris

    When asked about what he took from the Cowboys’ last matchup with the Redskins on Thanksgiving, defensive lineman Marcus Spears had some surprising comments about the Washington offense.

    “RGIII is the phenom that everybody loves, but this running back has been killing people,” Spears said. “If you watch it from a football-game plan, as a player who’s going to play in the game standpoint, this running back is actually probably the most dangerous guy on the football team on offense.”
  6. kmd24

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    The key to beating the zone read is to maintain containment and stop the RB without bringing a safety down. It's a really tall task for us given that our starters at NT and both ILB are injured.
  7. Doomsday101

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    I agree. If you have to bring up safety that is what will set up the long ball. Cowboys must be able to do a better job vs Morris and try to keep Washington in longer down and distance situation. Much easier to defend the pass when you know they have to throw it.
  8. cowboyschmps3

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    The option is read from Dend too linebacker to safety, pitch on first guy that comes up, if they cheat over to the running back QB keeps it, they just need to be discipline and stay with their assignments and they win that battle and even if they don't get the ball pop them on their mouths
  9. btcutter

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    Take out RGIII. Easier said than done.
  10. newnationcb

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    Interesting. But this is kind of my point. You do it a few plays only, to instill doubt in the QB so he actually gives the ball to the RB on the plays when you actually go for the back and are not faking.

    Both sides could almost break even from a deception stand point.
  11. DFWJC

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    One thing for sure with the read-option is that you must make the QB pay the price when legally possible. No going overboard and getting a penalties needed.

    There is a clear risk-reward factor that all players and coaches are aware of when you let your QB play option football. The defense loses if they don't at least make the "risk" part very real for the opposing team.

    I really like RG3, but our D must really pound him good a few times.
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    If you really think the knee is that bad, you could just have the OLB/DE crash to the back and make the QB keep it. The risk is that if the knee is better than you think, he could take it to the house on you.

    How much did they run the true read option on us last time, anyway? IIRC, Griffin only kept it a few times. If you really want him to keep it, you can shade to playing the back more.

    Personally, I doubt they run it that much anyway. I suspect we see something more like what Houston runs, still with the play action and rollouts and boots, but not so much true option with Griffin reading and coming down the line.
  13. coyboy

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    Re watching the Thanksgiving Day game last night...we had the right idea we just didn't execute for 4 quarters...with Murray, Cook, Austin etc back and Albright and Harris stepping up...I think we have a good shot.
  14. FiveRings

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    The best defense of the option is hitting the QB early and often. You will either take him down for a minimal gain or force a pitch and loss of yards. If only Lee and Carter were healthy
  15. JohnsKey19

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    While his knee may be feeling a bit better, i find it hard to believe the Skins will put RG3 in harms way much.

    With that said, people are putting way too much emphasis on RG3 running the ball. Even at 100% on Thanksgiving, he only had 29 yds rushing. Morris is the guy we need to be worried about. He sets up the entire offense.
  16. unionjack8

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    NO, put in on his knee.
    If he's running that read option ***** arsed crap then he's a runner and its a legal hit, if he's dropping back to pass hit him in the chest(its illegal to go low on a qb)
  17. VACowboy

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    I agree: I don't think they'll be running the option much, but we need to bust Bob every time they do, whether he keeps or not. If the Dallas D keys on Morris and limits his effectiveness, though, I think you'll see the QB carry more.
  18. CATCH17

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    I felt the same way. Just don't turn the ball over and don't give up the big play.
  19. Marktui

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    Jus like run defense, gap control is a must! The OLB cannot crash down onto the running back allowing RG3 to break contain. If the OLB stays wide and keeps his gap, RG3 has to give it to Morris and into the middle of our defense. Morris is a beast, but if the front seven stay stout we have a chance at slowing them down.

    Keep McCray off the field, unless he plays in the box. We cannot let them get any deep plays on us. The less explosive plays from them the better. Didn't they have like 3 long plays on us that resulted in 21points?

    Murray, if grind the clock on them and keep their O on the sideline that will go a long way in helping our D.
  20. Doomsday101

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    Murray should be a nice addition this time around since he was unable to play in the last meeting on Thanksgiving.

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