Ben Affleck as Batman: Why?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by FiveRings, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Denim Chicken

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    There is a petition to remove him from the film that apparently thousands have signed.
  2. AbeBeta

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    A better question.

    Why on earth do you care?
  3. FiveRings

    FiveRings Well-Known Member

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    Because I've been looking forward to the prospect of this movie since I was a kid and now it's going to thoroughly suck eggs
  4. AbeBeta

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    Dude. You need a girlfriend.
  5. reddyuta

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    I thought this was a joke when i first read it .
  6. FiveRings

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    First off, that's mean, secondly, I do fine, thanks.
  7. BoysFan4ever

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    I think that

    I think that is a bit extreme. Just don't pay to go to the movie.
  8. bounce

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    Do people think petitions like these work?
  9. speedkilz88

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    It is but it's also true.
  10. Cowboy Brian

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    You know, I wasn't feeling it at first but now I'm not really all that against it. He was fantastic in Argo and he certainly has the batman-esque look to some degree.

    Could've been much worse.
  11. theogt

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    I have to admit, this looks cool.

  12. Dash28

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  13. DFWJC

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    I recall thinking Michael Keaton was a really horrible choice too.

    Affleck would not have been my 1st choice, but I just heard a table full of women earlier tonight that were very happy with the choice.
  14. Rogah

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    I think you're remembering a bit more outrage than there really was. First of all, on the internet, you're always going to have people complaining. But by the time Ledger was cast in Dark Knight he was more well known for Brokeback Mountain and Lords of Dogtown than as being a teen-star.
    You made a typographical error putting Dogma in the "great scripts" category an. Obviously you meant that to go in "terrible scripts."

    Affleck is not a bad actor but he's not that great either. He has proven to be a better director and writer than actor. This was very poor casting.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Not exactly 'great' acting. Great as in Marlon Brando or James Dean. That in my view is called great. Affleck doesn't exactly show depth of emotion or raw intensity when it comes to his acting. He's good. Nothing more.
  16. rkell87

    rkell87 Well-Known Member

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    daredevil was terrible and he helped make it terrible, not thrilled with the choice but i'll wait to see what critics say before I decide if it is worth giving a shot.
  17. ChldsPlay

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    Affleck is a damn fine actor with good material /direction (Chasing Amy, Dogma...Jersey girl in parts, Argo, Good Will Hunting, etc.), and he looks the part. There's no reason to think he won't be more than capable in the role.
  18. MonsterD

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    This is how I feel:

  19. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

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    A lot of these posts are from folks holding Daredevil and those other stinkers around that time-frame against him. Heck, when I first heard it I was in that same boat.

    So, I re-watched The Town. I may rewatch Argo as well. Those two movies signaled to me that Affleck's acting ability has really come around over the last few years. Add in that he is a comic buff and that he could probably put on the suit with maybe a month of getting ready physically and I find myself on board. You can all hold it against me later if I am wrong, but I am going on record as saying he will nail this thing as long as the script is up to snuff.
  20. jimnabby

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    I wrote a whole post disagreeing with you, but I couldn't shake the feeling that you'd send me to Belize if I actually posted it. So I won't.

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