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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by FloridaRob, May 23, 2008.

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    Any lottery players out there? Any scratch off lottery players? Any poker players? Any Black-jack players? Craps? Roulette? Casino? Home games? What is your choice?

    I rarely play the lottery but have hit 4 of 6 numbers on occasion. Best payout I ever had for the lottery was about $82.00

    I very rarely play scratch off lottery and about the best I have ever hit was $50.00

    I have played poker lot in casinos, home games and the internet. I won't play on the internet anymore. Not only because they changed the law but wierd stuff just seems to always happen when I play online poker. It seems I more than normal get premium starting hands, a flop to keep me in, and then beat by just things that rarely happen in a live game. How many times do you see set over set over set in a live game. Happens all the time online. And I always seemed to have the bottom set. Most I ever won online was about $1500.

    Love the Casino-Can play marathon poker games at a casino. We have been known to check into a Casino-go straight to the poker room, and leave 36 hrs later without ever going to the hotel room.

    Best win for me at poker in a Casino is around $3000. My wife plays a higher limit than I do and back to back times in Biloxi won over $10,000 each time. She had people standing around the table watching her kill the local pros...

    I love to play black jack but it doent love me. Best win ever at Black Jack was $3000. My wife won $20,000 one night in Black Jack. That was probably the best and worse thing that could have happened.

    I don't understand craps well enough to play it and only play the red/black in roulette. Never won.

    I have placed a few football bets along the way but decided I got tired of being my bookies beyotch and quit playing.

    Any lucky gamblers here?????
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    A long time ago, I was heading home and wanted to stop and get some fuel and something to eat. When I pulled into the station, I realized that I did not have my wallet with me. It was at home, and I was setting near empty. So I go through my car and find five dollars in change and bills.

    When I go inside, I decided to buy a scratch off ticket and get four dollars of fuel. And what do you know, it was a twenty dollar winner! I was able to fill the car up (like I said, a long time ago) and get something to eat with the winnings.


    I am the guy to always set up any brackets as in the SB, Final Four, World Series and so on. I have been doing it for years.

    I have never won.
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    I've only been to a handful of casinos, mostly in Shreveport and Oklahoma. In about 5 trips or so, I'm up about $2,000. I'm always playing the minimum tables though.

    My favorite game in Shreveport is Let It Ride. I won $1500 in one hand of minimum bets with quad Jacks. Last time I went, I left about $300 up... just nickled and dimed my way up there.

    But my best gambling story was actually a friend of mine's story, from this last trip to Shreveport. We got there, he immediately put $100 on black on roulette. He proceeded to hit black something like 12 times in a row, and was up 9 Gs in a matter of an hour.............

    He left with $600.

    He took his stack of $500 chips and played blackjack with some of the other guys we were with, and lost it all. As his stack dwindled he kept saying, "it's not my money." I couldn't rationalize it like that. Anyways, he got a good story out of it. He still says, "how many of us can say we bet $4,000 on a hand of blackjack?" I know I sure can't say that.
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    More for the humor than anything else. For Thanksgiving one year we met up with 2 of my wife's sisters and their families at a Nevada Casino. One of the sister's had a timeshare there and we had a ball. I had 4 nephews who were down in the arcade playing. A cruel trick of the Casino is that they put slot machines right outside the arcade room doors. Tell the kids they can't gamble and then put temptation so close.

    So I went down to the arcade to check on the boys and they started begging me to play the slot machine. Determined to teach them a good lesson about gambling I took them to the slot machine and put in a dollar's worth of quarters.

    I said, "this is how fast money disappears when you gamble," and pulled the lever. Jackpot...80 bucks. Some great teacher I am. Now the boys are excited and wanting me to do it again.

    I assured them that was a fluke thing on the first pull, gave each of them 10 bucks and pocketed 40.


    We were playing Texas Hold 'Em and I could not draw a hand to save my life. Worse, I was playing with people who do not understand when it is smart to fold. So bluffs are out of the question. You are reduced to luck and I wasn't having any. So I'm in the big blind and I have a pair of 5's. At least it was a pair. 2 people paid to see the flop and no one raised. The other two 5's hit the flop. So I have 4 of a kind and cannot lose except to a higher 4 of a kind. Not likely in Hold 'Em. I bet, the other 2 guys folded. So my one good hand of the night netted me 2 times the amount of the big blind.
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    Best: A friends bachelor party in Vegas, we filled a blackjack table, used good strategies and each took home about $300. That was huge for me as I really was stretching to pay for the trip.

    I've never gambled, aside from the occassional $10s or so on slots, since.
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    I forgot about this story. We asked our daughter to let us see the grandson a few months ago. She stopped by the house on a Saturday afternoon and said we could keep him for a few hours. She decided she would head over to teh Hard Rock Casino about 20 minutes away while we took him to a Chuck-E-Cheese. While she was there she played Hold-Em for a little while and had no luck. She was on her way out of the casino to head back to our house when she stopped by a slot machine.

    She had ten dollars left in her hand and dropped it into the slots. She hit a $40,000 jackpot. Ya never know.
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    I don't gamble. I have had some problems with alcohol..... chewing tobacco (which I am currently trying to quit.... go me) and I think gambling just falls in line with that....

    I'll make the occasional bet; like betting a friend the Cowboys will finish with a better record than the Bears....or the Patriots will not go 19-0, that kind of stuff.... but I'll probably never step foot in a casino.
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    I rarely gamble, but I like craps (pass / come bets with odds, occasionally placing the 6 or 8) on low minimum tables. A hot table is a lot of fun.
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    I was on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico headed home from Puerto Rico or wherever the last stop was. I went to play craps with 100 bucks and was down to about 20 when my wife and told me she was heading back to the room. I told her I was about done and I'd be there soon. I started being social with the group at the table and ended up leaving 3 hours later with about 400 bucks. My wife was seriously mad when I got to the room... she turned over away from me laying facing the wall, lol... so I dumped the chips all on the bed next to her and then liked me again:)

    In this year's NCAA bracket Memphis missing all those free throws at the end of a game they had won cost me about 500 bucks:( I know Memphis sucked all year at free throws but the guy was 90% who missed the biggest ones.
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    Hey FloridaRob, can I have your daughter play $10.00 of mine? :eek:

    Ten bucks into 40k, what a chance.
  11. FloridaRob

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    i have no doubt you will see her soon on the WSOP final table. She is actually my step-daughter but is closer to me than blood. She has been with me since she was 12. She has already won a few of the big Poker tourneys around here. $5000 one tourney, $7500 at another.

    She gets it naturally. Her mom can put $10,000 out on a pure stone cold bluff with never an emotion. If I put $10,000 in a pot on a bluff, I can assure you I would be throwing up into a barf bag scared I would get called. Her real Dad is a big time Poker player and golf gambler. He was on ESPN a few weeks ago in a golf tourney with other Poker and Golf gamblers. Her dad has 4 1st place finishes and 3 bracelets at the WSOP. She has it in her blood.

    The night she won $40,000, she called to say she had a little too much to drink and asked us to go and get here. When we walked into the casino she had a guard around her so we became concerned. Then she started jumping around excited screaming what she had done. I tried to get a commision for keeping the baby and explaining that she would not have won if we had not called her earlier. But then my wife shot a couple of daggers with her eyes and I shut up. I was kidding anyway because she is a great kid and deserved it.

    She was dealing a poker game this week and she emailed me a picture of her and the boxer Antonio Tarver. I played poker with Antonio several years ago in low limit holdem and stud games. He has now graduated to $25-$50, $100 no limit game. I guess Sylvester Stallone paid him quite well in the last Rocky movie.
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    Worst -

    1) Giants/Bills SB game - I had big bets on Giants to cover, Over. Had a substantial parlay on that to boot.

    Norwoods Missed FG cost me Thousands.

    2) The Joe Theisman broken leg game - I had anothe crazy bet on Skins and an over/under and parlay. I believe it was Schroeder who stepped in and came back and won that Monday night game. TD late to cover all my bets - except Mosely thunked the extrapoint......

    3) Another Monday Night gem. I believe it was a Titan/Pitt game back a decade plus. My bet was locked and winning with spread. My team was lining up for a basically meaningless FG as clock wound down. Make or miss I cover and clock to expire - It was all happy time!

    BUT - I didn't factor in......... I missed the kick, heard the thud and the FG was blocked , tipped in the air and returned for a TD and I lost the bet - that was rough...

    Best - I was there in person 1997/98 era Bills were playing Bledsoe who had a pin in finger and Pats were down going into 4th. They get the ball with like a minute to go, 80 yards down 7 and the line was 7 1/2. Game over no matter how you slice it?

    Bledsoe marches down field converting 2 4th downs (one clearly caught ob) get to red zone and he hits Coates for TD as time expires to win game but not cover. Bills walk off field and refuse to come back.

    It was right there that I started screaming - Pats are going to run it in! $500 bet won as Vinatieri was snapped the ball and ran it in for a 2 point conversion and a miraculous cover!
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    ...20 years ago. I had entered a casino with some friends and headed immediately to a blackjack table.

    After about an hour with a few new players coming and going a older lady came up behind us yelling and proceeded to whack the guy beside me and anyone else who was around with her purse. She was swinging the purse around like Thor's hammer contacting anyone and anything at the table.

    What was probably only 1 minute of getting pummeled by a purse, but felt more like two hours, the security guards of the casino restrained her.

    I had the imprint of her purse clasp firmly marked on my cheek, the guy beside me had his glasses broken and multiple purse marks on his face. The lady beside him had the collar of her blouse torn and the dealer was sporting a couple of marks on his face also.

    The casino pit boss and security guards ushered all the patrons at other tables around away and quarantined our table. Later they told us they did this to ensure that the lady wasn't a ruse to steal chips from tables.

    As we were all being held and questioned right around the blackjack table a guy with glasses came up to the cordoned area and asked one of the pit bosses if he could have his jacket back that was lying on the ground.

    Well long story short, the guy was a player earlier on our table. He left to try his luck somewhere else and left his Boston Celtics jacket on the chair. My table neighbour asked the dealer if the chair was occupied and then took position.

    The purse swinging lady was the grandmother in law of Celtics man who had a habit of gambling the grocery money away and she was going to teach him a lesson once and for all with her purse.

    The only resemblance my neighbour player had to Celtics man was glasses. Can't believe she didn't recognize the husband of her granddaughter.

    For all our troubles and bruises the players all got comp'ed a supper ticket with free drinks.

    I still crap my pants if I see a large brown handbag on a an older lady. :eek::
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    OMG. Now that is bad.

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