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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by HoosierCowboy, Apr 26, 2013.

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    from Graziano at ESPN:

    Just because Scouts Inc. ranked Warford 53rd and this guy 70th doesn't make the pick ridiculous. You pay your scouts to find guys who fit what you want to do, and then you trust them. All week, everybody told me the Cowboys needed to trust their board, and it appears what happened here was that they didn't have anyone they liked at 18 so they snagged an extra pick and moved down to take a guy they did like. If you think all that's left to you is second-rounders, then why not just start the second round two picks early and add a third-rounder that might help you maneuver into that second round Friday night?
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    Sounds logical.
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    that's a good perspective. But, day two would have been better with 2- 2nd rounders and one 3rd...but, at this point, I am not complaining

    if the 3 picks today are all good, solid players, then I will be pretty happy
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    I'm watching all these highlight videos and while listening to cowboys fans on the fan wishing that we could have had Barrett Jones at way!!! the more i watch Frederick the more i like. This dude (Frederick) is just looking for a brawl, he runs defenders to the ground and then he looks for another to do the same. Good Pick, now lets go get Lacy and or Franklin at RB and ill be happy with this draft.
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    I have been hearing today that they actually did not follow their board with Floyd and that is why Tom Ciskowski and Garrett looked so annoyed last night. Who knows if they are right.

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