Best Man in a wedding

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CashMan, Jul 15, 2017 at 3:54 PM.

  1. CashMan

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    I was asked yesterday by my friend to be his Best Man in his wedding.

    Any advice?
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  2. pupulehaole

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  3. CashMan

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    I do that everyday.
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  4. Silver Surfer

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    Well then, I guess you're all set.
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  5. Ranching

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    Prepare a nice speech for your toast and a badass bachelor party. Salud!
    Your toast will be filmed and archived, it could set the tone for the success of the marriage, no pressure.
    Don't film the bachelor party!!!
  6. dexternjack

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    Agree, knock those two out and it is a sucess :D
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  7. Silver Surfer

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    Don't screw up the speech by recalling the time the bride was drunk and tried to seduce you, or the fact the bachelor always had the hots for the bride's sister or some such.
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  8. DFWJC

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    Are you asking if you should accept?

    If you are in, then just be there for your buddy.
    A good toast..not a dissertation...just solid toast with maybe a tiny funny comment followed by something positive, heartfelt and sincere included. Nothing vulgar. You can do that at the bachelors party if thats your thing.
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  9. xwalker

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    No, be certain to include all of those facts...

    If you do, please send up the video.
  10. Trouty

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  11. xwalker

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    We once padlocked a bowling ball to the groom's leg the night before the wedding and everyone was too hung over to bring him the key. We had it engraved with his wife-to-be's name. They drilled a hole all the way through the ball so that we could attach the chain. It was funny at the Bachelor party but even funnier that she found him with it the day of the wedding. For reference, they will cut the chain at the local fire department, apparently.

    The last Wedding I went to, my friend' very famous cousin was one of the groomsmen. It was a weird experience. I was attacked by teenage girls and their Mom's at the Hotel that were celeb stalking and wanted me to get them into the reception.

    One of my past girlfriend's brother's friends sent him to Alaska during the bachelor party on a one-way ticket. They apparently didn't like his new wife-to-be. He somehow got back a few minutes before the wedding started.

    We swapped some spark plug wires around on my brother's car that he was using to depart his wedding. Car sound like heck and run really poorly when you do that...but it was kind of funny.

    When my sister got married, her new husband and previously long time boyfriend tried hiding his car to keep anybody from screwing with it. My brother figured out were he hid it and were rushed over there with the shaving cream and all that stuff. He figure out that we were going there but he was literally about 30 seconds too late pulling out and I did a power slide maneuver to block him in while the crew did a number on his car.

    I think the real key to being the best man is to influence where they have the wedding and to ensure they have an open bar...A hotel near 6th street in Austin was one of my favorites. Fancy hotels in Vegas and Branson MO were not bad either. One was even in the Caribbean. I've lost count on wedding attended. I was a best man when I was sixteen and it peaked when I was around 30 and my friends were getting married at a rapid pace.

    I've avoided marriage all these might be because I fear payback...
  12. csirl

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    Nothing vulgar or obscene or potentially insulting to the new in laws. I was at a wedding where the in laws walked out as a result of the best mans speach. Ruined the wedding.
  13. TheKey

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    You're in charge of being in communication with the maid of honor so the bride isn't worrying about you guys constantly. Don't go MIA
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  14. Biggems

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    Dont hit on any of the bridesmaids until after your toast.
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  15. Biggems

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    Oh and keep your toast complimentary, with as few jokes as possible. Definitely compliment the bride about how happy she has made your friend. Tell the world your friend is a helluva guy. Wish them live and happiness. If the bridesmaids are attractive and single, shed a tear or two, it may get you some play during the reception.
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  16. MileyDancer

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    My best friend got engaged a few weeks ago, and I've already started the best man speech. They haven't even set a date yet. They met on Tindr, so my opening line is going to be, "It all started when she swiped right."
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  17. KJJ

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    I was the best man at my friends wedding a couple of years ago. I was trying to figure out if I'm the best man, then why is she marrying him?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    In addition to a speech and a Bachelor Party, you probably need to think about helping out with the fittings of the Tuxes etc. Help coordinate all the fitting times etc. Just makes it easier. If you are going to decorate the limo/car/truck, you need to make sure you coordinate that and get it done so it's good to go after the ceremony. Communicate with the Brides Maids is good advice if they are open to it.
  19. BrAinPaiNt

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    When you get up to say your best man speech, tell them you did not know how to express yourself so you are going to sing/karokee a song ...then have them play this..

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  20. Silver Surfer

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    Have you sold the screenplay or even just the concept yet? Sounds like a cross between "The Hangover" and "Wedding Crashers". Call it "The Worst Best Man".

    If you were my best man, I don't know if I'd shake your hand or shoot you. :p
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