Best Man Loses Wedding Ring at Altar

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    By Ben Forer | ABC News Blogs – 19 hours ago

    As Elizabeth Gray and Lewis Aubrey were in the final stages of becoming husband and wife at a church outside London, the ceremony was interrupted by a loud ping.

    "Suddenly you just hear this noise that sounded like metal dropping and with that the vicar said to the best man … 'Was that the ring?' and he went, 'Yeah,'" Gray told ABC News. "Then all eyes turned to the floor."

    "When I heard the ring I just assumed it had fallen on the floor and was just going to be a foot away from my foot," Aubrey said. "When I looked down to see, there was no sign of it."

    They lifted drainage grates, tore apart floral arrangements and searched formal wear, but no one in the congregation was able to locate the ring.

    Gray had spent six months looking for the perfect ring and the best man who dropped it wasn't just Aubrey's closest friend, it was his brother, Matt. Unable to find the ring, they went on with the wedding ceremony, using Gray's mother's wedding ring.

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    It's a sign. Run!!!
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    Weddings can be crazy.

    Reminds of a wedding I was in.

    I was in a friends wedding and the ring bearer decided he wasnt walking down the aisle when he saw all the people. :lmao2:

    So after a few mins I was somehow nominated to walk from the front of the church down the aisle with everybody watching me and get the ring. Thanks kid!

    At least we had the ring tho.
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    LOL. Coulda been.

    Sometimes signs are just missed, especially once the groom's mind has already been made up:
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    Sounds like the groom got cold feet, but didn't have the nads to tell his fiance' about it.
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    Maybe the best man didn't want his brother marrying that particular girl.
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