Best players on terrible teams? Greatest of all-time?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Dec 19, 2004.

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    In the continual argument over which players deserve to be considered the greatest in NFL history, a team's overall success often plays into the debates. For instance, some people will never give Emmitt enough credit because he played with such a great offensive line and lead blocker at fullback during those three Super Bowls. Some fans never gave Kurt Warner any credit and claimed anyone could put up those yards with Holt, Bruce and Faulk in the offense as well as guys like Orlando Pace on the offense live.

    So to automatically level the playing field, I was just curious who are some of the players you think were the greatest ever considering the talent on their team. Which players seemed to demonstrate greatness no matter how much they were..... borrowing from Emmitt.... a diamond surrounded by trash.

    Some players that come to mind for me are:

    O.J. Simpson - A lot of people give Walter Payton credit for playing on bad squads but I think O.J. played on some even worse teams for most of his career. Except for a brief stint with Lou Saban, the Bills were just flat-out horrible for most of Simpson's career. I've talk to NFL fans who still joke about how predictable that Buffalo offense was with Simpson. Somehow, O.J. still made it to 6 Pro Bowls and had 3 seasons with 1,500+ yards rushing at a time when there were only 14 games in a season.

    What about the Seahawks and Steve Largent? Aeneas Williams on the Cardinals? Archie Manning didn't put up HOF numbers but he did make it to 2 Pro Bowls with the Saints and is probably one of the most pitied players in NFL history after having to put up with that team.

    Who are players that you would say were the best ever at their position considering the bad teams they played on?

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    Sanders and the Lions went to the playoffs a few times.

    Weren't the Bears pretty sucky when Butkus was playing?
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    You know, the Detroit Lions weren't that shabby either. The Lions didn't win games like the Dallas Cowboys did, but their offense was quite potent. It's not like Barry Sanders played on perennial 2-14 teams (ie the early 90s Colts or Buccaneers). Herman Moore, Lomas Brown were a couple of Pro-Bowlers that immediately come to mind. They also had a couple of other Pro Bowler O-lineman and pretty good WRs as well - Johnnie Morton, Brett Perriman and another. For a couple years, the Lions had the number 1 offense in the league.

    The Cowboys didn't have a Pro Bowl WR other than Michael Irvin. You can't say Alvin Harper, Kelvin Martin, or Kevin Williams were stars.

    Another thing, Emmitt Smith had his big days against big-time defenses as well. These defenses were just as good as the Cowboys offenses. Going up against the Charles Mann's Redskins, Reggie White's Gang Greene, LT's Giants -- it's not like the Cowboys were playing powder puff teams 16 games a year. Emmitt wasn't gaining yards like a man among boys. He was a man playing among other men.
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    In the past, Lee Roy Selmon comes to mind.

    Recently, Corey Dillon on the Bengals.
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    Barry Sanders comes to mind first, as does Aneas Williams from Arizona, Junior Seau from San Diego is another.
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    Ironhead Heyward...
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    earl campbell...

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