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Better pro, Dez Bryant or Michael Crabtree??

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TXCowboyVol, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. TXCowboyVol

    TXCowboyVol Active Member

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    I'm an SEC guy, so I don't watch much Big 12 football. Who do you guys think will be the better pro WR 5 years from now? Just curious your thoughts...
  2. ThreeSportStar80

    ThreeSportStar80 Benched

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    Crabtree, he has great hands and just knows how to get open.... I think Bryant will be pretty good one too.
  3. Hostile

    Hostile Tacos are a good investment Zone Supporter

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  4. ThreeSportStar80

    ThreeSportStar80 Benched

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    Crabtree made me a believer when he missed an entire training camp and some of the regular season but still produced...
  5. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    Co-signed a co-sign.....co-co-sign?
  6. UnoDallas

    UnoDallas Benched

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    no but you can ditto
  7. SLATEmosphere

    SLATEmosphere Benched

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    flip a coin.
  8. Chris in Arizona

    Chris in Arizona I am Death

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    I'm a big believer in Dez Bryant's playmaking ability BUT I really like that Crabtree has Mike Singletary pushing him slash keeping him in check.
  9. rockj7

    rockj7 Active Member

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  10. the truth of it all

    the truth of it all Benched

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    If Dez Bryant can totally commit himself and has great coaching (cowboys) he will be better. He is faster and more imposing like Calvin Johnson. His pro day wont show it or w/e he is doing. The biggest question is motivation. Put him on the Jaguars and he fails. But him on the Patriots, Saints or Cowboys and he wrecks and dominates. Ive seen him play on tv and in person, also read such about him. Until one of those scenarios happens we wont know.. For now Crabtree since he has produced at nfl level
    Bryant has the ability to just look better than everyone ALA Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Andre Reed , Irvin etc. but many receivers have had that said about them and fallen flat.
    Imo his best bet is to lower his draft stock and go for a second contract maybe like brandon marshall.
  11. rkell87

    rkell87 Well-Known Member

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    crabtree didn't disappear against better opponents like dez did so crabtree is my answer
  12. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and Brew... Staff Member

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  13. stilltheguru

    stilltheguru Well-Known Member

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  14. MONT17

    MONT17 New Member

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    Crabtree, that's why Jerry will have to draft Dez if he can get him!
  15. Cowboy Brian

    Cowboy Brian Romo 2 Austin Zone Supporter

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    Miles Austin
  16. hammer1

    hammer1 New Member

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    All outside forces being equal...Bryant will be the better pro.

  17. CanuckCowboysFan

    CanuckCowboysFan Benched

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    That's a tough one. Don't forget crabtree's numbers were a bit inflated at Tech because of a passing style offense, and Bryant put up equal if not better numbers his soph season in a pro style o. But crabtree was a beast his freshmen year. It's also incredible that he missed all of training camp and up to week 11 of the reg season and still put up better numbers then rw... He also has one of the best and toughest coaches pushing him... If Bryant can stay focused and end up on a decent team, preferrably Dallas with his stock falling, he'll be a better pro by far IMO. If he ends up with Seattle or the browns, he can still be special, but nothing close to his real potential. I say it's basically a toss up. Give the nod to Bryant buy a tad.
  18. rockj7

    rockj7 Active Member

    849 Messages
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    I knew my zone brothers where bound to take a shot at old number 11 not that I disagree but I knew it was coming :laugh2: :laugh2: :lmao: :lmao:
  19. JPM

    JPM Well-Known Member

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    I-got-Crabs. Are we sharing ????
  20. Hostile

    Hostile Tacos are a good investment Zone Supporter

    118,870 Messages
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    Always remember lobster on the piano is better than crabs on the organ.

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