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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Trade our #28 for a 2 and 3
    Trade down in 6th and add 7th

    1 - CB Antione Cason - Arizona (a complete CB prospect)

    2 - RB Jamaal Charles - Texas (Homerun compliment to Barber)
    2 - CB Justin King - Penn St. (will add quality depth, barring injuries can be brought along slowly, and a KR threat)
    3 - S Tyrell Johnson - Arkansas St. (very good S prospect and a ballhawk)
    3 - FB Owen Schmitt - West Virginia (competes with Cricket for starting FB)
    4 - WR Dexter Jackson - Appalachian St. (perfect slot WR and KR)
    5 - G/C Chris McDuffie - Clemson (Gurode's backup)
    6 - QB Paul Smith - Tulsa (Romo's backup)
    7 - RB Omar Cuff - Delaware (extremely versatile 3rd RB)
    7 - CB Jack Ikegwuonu - Wisconsin (sign and place on PUP for 2008 season and stash away till 2009)

    This draft is based on the assumption that DRC and Mike Jenkins are gone by the time we get to the board with 22.
  2. ThatsmyQB

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    4 of our 1st five picks are D.B. and F.B.??????/
    I don't like Cason at all, King will be gone by our late 2nd, drafting a F.B. in the 3rd, I don't see it and don't want it, I don't think Jackson is gonna be there late 4th.

    I do like these players
    Justin King
    Chris McDufie
    Jamaal Charles
    Tyrell Johnson
    Dexter Jackson

    I just don't think some will be available in the rounds you have.
    We still don't have a future #1 W.R. either or someone to pair opposite T.O. which Jerry said is his #1 off season priority, so I can't imagine Jerry NOT getting his #1 off season priority on draft day!
  3. Biggems

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    Our secondary was attrocious last year. Our starting CBs couldn't stay healthy. Our starting SS has completely lost his MOJO. We lost all of our experienced depth at CB and S when we lost Reeves, Jones, and Davis.

    I am not worried about a #1 WR this year. I am more concerned with DB depth, RB depth, a backup Center, and a backup QB. This draft is super deep at CB and RB this year....I want to take advantage of it. We can focus on finding our future #1 next year, either via FA or in the Draft.

    Cason is probably the most complete CB in the draft. I do want DRC, but he will be long gone by 22. I am banking on King being there when our 2nd pick comes around.

    As far as FB goes....I am not all that interested in drafting a FB either.......except for the fact that Schmitt is an absolute beast. I have watched him play several times and the thought of this battering ram blocking for the Barbarian completely makes me salivate.

    I am surprised that you actually agreed with most of my picks. I expected to be completely booed off the Zone for this mock.
  4. Hostile

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    I could live with this draft. It addresses needs and adds depth.
  5. ThatsmyQB

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  6. ayjackson

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    Not my preferred draft, but I could live with it too. A lot of speed. I wonder if we headed into 2009 with Cason, King and Ikegwuonu on our roster at Corner, whether Newman would still be around.
  7. TheCount

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    It's almost a certainty that Newman and Henry and probably Roy would be walking if we added 3 CB's and a safety this year.
  8. Woods

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    I like this draft, though instead of J King I would probably insert R Bryant at NT.
  9. ThatsmyQB

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    Newman isn't going ANYWHERE!

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