Biggest change I see on offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by wick, Aug 18, 2013.

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    This is an accurate assessment.

    In 2007, Romo used to throw a lot of picks because he forced the ball to Owens. When we got rid of Owens, we saw a concerted effort to spread the ball around more, though as our receivers deteriorated in trust factor with Romo, we saw him start focusing on Witten with poor results. Less touchdowns, and more interceptions. When Laurent Robinson gave him that extra option, Romo played really well. I think that had to do less with Robinson, and more with Romo's ability to work with a competent receiver.

    I think Williams can be a competent receiver. I think we've developed receivers long enough to where Romo can put more trust in others.

    In 2 man under, the two outside receivers are bracketed off, but there is some space in the middle. And that is Witten has generally thrived.

    Miles Austin has had success in the slot, but that can be enhanced even more by putting a credible threat on the outside to replace him. This should be a great year for Miles as well.
  2. Galian Beast

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    Don't just read the headline.
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    LOL at all the Witten comments. First to "blame" should be on the OL performance and personnel decisions.
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    You want to go vertical? Fix the pass protection and present a viable threat with the running game, Then you can go vertical.
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    Hopefully they're on that path.
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    It's not about blame, it's about reality. He can get open well because of the lack of attention placed on him, but his production isn't enough to win us games. Defenses pick their poison and they often pick Witten. That's fairly telling. The point is that they will have to pick more than just Witten going forward. Obviously you have to give Dez ample attention, so what two players do you give freedom to? Austin? Williams? Witten? Throw in Dunbar in the passing game, and it becomes really difficult.
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    Witten's huge year has most to do with a QB not confident in his line and a non-factor ground game - which is also on the OL.
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    yeah, last year to be the epitome of short throws, it felted like we had absolutely no 10+ yard plays in the playbook.
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    Simply put: if the O-Line gels to a modicum of acceptable play, and we PROTECT the football, this offense can be one of if not THE best in pro football.
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    Sick of all of the Witten apologists. Witten has led this team in receptions every year Romo has been the starter. That includes years that he had great protection and years that he didn't. This also includes years that Romo had wideout targets like TO, Terry Glenn, Pat Crayton, Roy Williams, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Lauren Robinson etc. Romo has had plenty of Wrs that he's had a rythmn with and protection in years and yet Witten still finishes with more recs than WRs. Whether its by design or Romos security blanket, it's wrong and doesn't help us reach our offensive potential. Less Witten = More pts
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    BS! Romo's biggest plays in his history has been roll outs. This declined due to Garrett trying to make him a pocket passer. We don't utilize Romo to the best of his abilities. We try to mold him into what he's not. Thats Garrett!
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    Yeah, no.
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    Lol witten apologists! Witten doesn't need apologists. He's one of the greats. Any QB would have targeted him as much as Romo. Neither of those guys are to blame for any offensive woes certainly not Witten. No OL no run game period. A lot of those short completions you dismiss were in lieu of good runs. They kept the chains moving
  14. AdamJT13

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    It's amazing how people come up with a theory and think it's true without even bothering to look at the facts. Romo's pass attempts to Witten have RAISED his overall yards per attempt every season. That was true even last year, despite the fact that we used Witten on more short and intermediate routes and all but stopped sending him downfield. If we want more of a downfield passing game, we don't need to try using Witten less, we need to pass block better so Romo has the time to throw deeper passes -- including those to Witten.
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    That simply isn't true.

    Romo's yards per attempt last year was 7.6.

    His yards per attempt to Jason Witten was 6.92. (-0.68)

    Even worse Romo's yards per completion were 11.53.

    His yards per completion to Jason Witten was 9.4. (-2.13)
  16. 50cent

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    FYI, I think Witten is a HOFer, but he should be with as many targets that he gets! Look at the situation from an totality POV. My post said Romo has had great OL play in the past with the likes of TO, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin and others with also a decent run game. Not to mention those other receivers were getting 6 at a better rate. Why in those years does Witten out rank playmaking threats in recs? Don't just look at the bad years. 2007 & 2009 spit in the face on bad OL play and no run game. Like ive said in the past, It's like giving Scootie Pippen more FGAs per game than Jordan. Doesn't make sense!!!
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    Whenever I see fans complaining about Jason Witten's role in the offense, I immediately write it off and assume they're waiting for the guy's play to decline so they can start calling for him to be put out to pasture. I can't think of any other rational reasons why anybody would complain about the part he plays on this team. I have to admit, it's one of the most bizarrely head-scratching takes on this board, and this board is *full* of takes that have me scratching my head wondering what the heck it is that people are watching.

    And, for the record, I think the same people complaining about our TEs 110 receptions last year and his 9.4 average are probably some of the same people who were complaining the loudest about his blocking slipping and his best days behind him during his three game dry spell playing after a week of solid bed rest and coming back and suiting up a flak jacket over his ruptured spleen.
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    Romo is going to hit the open man if his first reads are covered. Witten happens to be very good at getting open.

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