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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Oct 29, 2006.


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    First Bill gives him a nice slap on the face and then he turns the bill of his cap sideways.... yeah the media-created Bill not wanting him and it was Jerry forcing TO on Bill is bogus... always was... Bill knows the player is there to make plays... he is there on Sundays.... maybe TO is Bill's new Keyshawn ;)
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    I really enjoyed seeing Bill warm up to TO a bit. Hopefully this team is coming together for the long haul to the playoffs now.

    Also, Vanderjagt can lick it. Nobody should warm up to him until he starts making ALL of his freakin kicks under 50. That could've cost us bigtime. No wonder the Colts dropped him.
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    I am not sure their are many players on this roster that Bill doesnt like. He may get disapointed in them, but tonight was telling with BP showing his love for his players. I think they are keeping him young and giving him a reason to stick around for a while longer.
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    it wasnt that terrible of a kick. it just didnt bend back one more foot.

    his kicks are good.

    best kicker we have had in years.
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    Winning cures almost any coach/player disagreement. There have been times that Parcells looked pissed at TO, like last week when he dropped the easy 4th down catch. TO didn't get kissed after that play, lol.

    Point is, though, winning cures all.

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