Bill Jones’ Cowboys Mock Draft 2012

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Your signature ain't half bad...[thumbs up]
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    I like the first and last picks, and that's about it...

    I don't see the Boys going TE in the 2nd round, but if they do, I surely hope it's Fleener from Stanford... to me, he's kind of a Jason Witten lite... Jason's a little bigger, a little faster, and a little better blocker, but Fleener has a nice array of skills that are reminiscent of Witten...

    Again, I'm not saying that Fleener is as good as Witten is... where Jason has 90-100 catch potential in any given season, Fleener's peak might be 60-75 catches (of course, he won't reach that potential while Jason is still active and healthy)...

    One thing Fleener does really, really well is run crisp patterns... it wouldn't be long before Romo started looking for him on pass patterns, I think...
  3. silverbear

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    I hope the tattoo artist gave him a discount...
  4. silverbear

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    That's a much better draft, pal...

    When it comes to Hicks, though, don't be surprised if he winds up playing 3-4 DE in the NFL, not NT... I see him as being similar to Red Bryant and Cullen Jenkins in that regard...

    And don't misunderstand me, I like him a lot in that role...
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    Yeah I like this draft too, especially if we are able to get some FAs on the OL. More offense than I would expect, but like I said earlier, love the addition of Adams to that draft. Adams is just plain electric in the return game.
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    Me too, Bear. Physically he reminds me of a svelte Haloti Ngata, really too tall to play two-gap NT in a 3-4 set. Wolfe is being WAY underrated, IMHO. These two guys would make a great pair of big, pocket-pushing DE's to add to the mix.

    Optimally, I would probably take the Lafayette CB Bentley in the fourth and Aaron Corp in the 7th. I'm telling y'all, Corp can play.

    Yes he is. He led the the nation in PRA, I think, and that was running from the fastest athletes in college football on a weekly basis. But I think he's gonna be a whole lot more than just a punt returner. I really think he will tear up the League from the slot.

    Five players I love in this draft: Shea McClellin, Joe Adams, Wolfe, Daniels and Corp.
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    He could be used as a hybrid his first couple of seasons. He has experience at both Jack and Mike backer spots. He could play defensive end in the nickel package.

    Nickel d line could be RE-Hightower DT-Ratliff DT-Hatcher LE-Spencer with Ware coming as an extra pass rusher on an overload. Or if we play straight up 4 man rush RE-Ware DT Hightower DT Ratliff DE Spencer. Hightower has the strength to play inside and tangle with guards at 6'4'' and 260lbs.

    Ryan could concoct various packages to use his skill set. Similar to Aldon Smith with the Niners, he never started but was on the field often.

    3-4 is all about linebackers so we could never have enough that can cause pressure.
  8. JackWagon

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    im perfectly happy with that pick ... front 7 defensive guy with a National Championship under his belt.
  9. jterrell

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    He notes that he expects Dallas to add a starting CB and starting OG in free agency.

    If that were to happen, not a bad mock draft.
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    I mentioned it before. I really really want Hightower for 2 reasons. He would be a phenomenal fit for us, and im terrified that the giants would trade up 5-6 spots and pull the trigger. i would be sick to my stomach if i saw him in "****-after-drinkingtoomuchgatorade" blue. That being said. If DeCastro is there at 14, im taking him and not thinking twice about it and then i wouldnt be opposed to trading back into the 1st to get Dont'a, but not at the price the saints paid the pats last year.....
  11. DFWJC

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    I don't see us taking Hightower at 14. Maybe in a trade down.
  12. Hoofbite

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    Yep, count me out.

    2nd round TE?

    Not a single OL?

    CB ignored until the 6th round?

    I'm not sure you could find a combination of 3 worse things for this specific team right now.

    Two biggest holes go almost completely ignored (must be praying for FA to come through) and they waste yet another pick on a second string TE.

    Color me unimpressed and disgusted.

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