Bill Parcell's Draft Confidential

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Well, not that I didn't know already but this just to re-enforces what Hostile, wrote a few weeks ago AND what he, Sdogo, and some of us, have been saying all this time.

    Paraphrasing a statement from Bill Polian:

    " The key ( to the draft ) is Bill Parcells. He's going to dictate who I draft. I've been famous for drafting smallish, quick guys, but if I was with Bill, I'd draft big, fast guys ".

    Paraphrasing Bill Parcells:

    " Bill ( Polian ) drafted smallish quick guys because Tony Dungy's system dictated that. My system requires more size ".

    So to all the Jerry Jumpers in here, there's your " reputable NFL general manager " confirming what has been said often in here: Jerry Jones DOES NOT call the shots in the draft.
  2. EGG

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    lol,,, everybody and his dog knows that Jerry operates on the "consensus" pick of his many minions and makes an executive decision if it's a "tie", thus proving the saying:

  3. Doomsday

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    Jerry has the final call but he relies on the experts around him to do their job. As does any good manager, you gather all the facts and opinions than make a decision. Some one has to have the final say. My biggest beef has been some of the guys that have been around him, that he has been relying on like Wade Phillips.
  4. Randy White

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    Actually Polian's statement is that ( essentially and realistically) the headcoach has the most influence because he ( Polian ) is going to get guys who fit his ( head coach ) system. The final say is always with the owner ( technically speaking ), but, and Polian said this as well, it's the GM's job to get everybody in the same page.
  5. junk

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    And a good manager should know enough about his business to know if he is getting good advice.

    Agree with the bolded part. So, a good GM, should have a background in personnel to help get everyone on the same page, right?
  6. CosmicCowboy

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    just don't 'F' up, tomorrow jerry...:rolleyes:
  7. trueblue1687

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    I watched that show, and while I always like hearing Parcells...I thought it was a big least to me. I was expecting more of a prospect analysis. I guess the name of the show was pretty accurate in hindsight: a 'confidential'...and not much of one at that.
  8. Romo2Bryant4Six

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    Yes, he even went into detail about trade scenarios, in which he said the Coach had equal input
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    I wish I'd seen it because last year it was really good and I especially liked seeing his board. Sounds like this year it was more about the QBs. In other words, more fluff that substance... Classic ESPN.
  10. Doomsday101

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    Draft has been and always will be a group effort. There are many involved in the entire process. Even the best GM out there rely on people they hire to help in terms of bringing in talent.
  11. InmanRoshi

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    Yeah, it felt like the ESPN's producers thought last year's was too specific and "draft nerdy" and wanted to dumb it down for the masses. IMHO, there wasn't anything there that was overly insightful, other than Parcell's insights on how the spread offense is trickling up from college and changing the game. Nothing ground breaking.
  12. cowboysooner

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    All the NFL guys act like the spread offense is the worst thing that ever happened to their evaluations, but it is 10 times more applicable to pro football than the wishbone, Osborne I option or even the 75% run I formation.

    The spread is not all that different from what Brady is doing. And many of the formations and principles in the Colts, Packer, and New Orleans are very similar to many spread teams that attack in the intermediate areas more. The OU passing tree is based largely on what the Colts were doing in the early 2000's with Harrison and Wayne.

    The spread offenses that incorporate some QB run game are different, but that stuff is coming too with guys like Cam Newton, Locker, RGIII and Ryan Tanehill going high in the draft. I was the threat that caused Denver to be able to run the ball last year. It is a great way to slow down the opponents best pass rush guy.
  13. Randy White

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    Not necessarily AND that wasn't his point. His point was that the GM's job is to make sure there's a consensus when the draft board is set. That if there's a strong disagreement between coaches and scouts when the draft board is set up, then the GM did NOT do his job.

    Basically: the GM needs to find a middle ground where all parties agree BUT with always one thing in mind: it's the headcoach's system and he must get the players who'd fit that system.
  14. junk

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    9,294 Messages
    247 Likes Received does he help arbitrate those disputes? I'd say he needs to understand that side of the business.....not just listen to who is most articulate and compelling

    I agree a GM needs to find players that fit a coach's system.

    It helps if you happen to know a thing or two about scouting before you go try to do that.
  15. Doomsday101

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    Or you did what Tex did who had no back ground in scouting you hire a guy as he did when he hired Gil Brandt.
  16. junk

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    Actually Tex did have a background in scouting. He was pretty influential in the LA Rams scouting department under Dan Reeves who was one of the first owners to have a full time scouting staff (Brandt worked for the Rams as well as a scout)

    He was essentially in on the ground floor of scouting.

    But, yes, for the most part I agree with you. Hiring an experienced person and allowing them to run personnel would be OK too.

    Problem is, the only moderately qualified guy in Dallas is the Assistant Director of Player Personnel.....and we know he isn't making the decisions.
  17. Doomsday101

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    Tex was not out scouting players was he involved sure he was not picking players and as GM he was involved but again he brought in Gil Brandt and he had Tom relied a lot on Gil input. Tex was not a personnel guys

    Building a Winner
    "I'd always wanted, as far back as I can remember, to take a team from scratch and build it," Schramm said. "So this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up even though we didn't know for sure that Dallas would get a team."
    By the time the franchise was formally awarded on January 28, 1960, Schramm had hired two key people, Tom Landry as head coach and Gil Brandt as personnel director, who would serve as a superb management troika with Schramm for the next 29 years.

    With Murchison's unqualified backing, Schramm clearly defined everyone's duties. Schramm would have complete authority over the everyday operation of the team, the promotional, business and financial aspects of the club. Landry would have sole authority on everything regarding the team and its personnel. Both Schramm and Landry would rely heavily on Brandt for drafting recommendations but Landry would have the final decision.
  18. junk

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    No one was out scouting players when Schramm started. See my quote above.

    He was on the ground floor of starting that process with Reeves.....who was considered one of the grandfathers of modern scouting.

    So, although Schramm may not have been out on the road......he was on the ground floor of the creation of modern scouting.

    That's great. I don't care what he did with the Cowboys. I'm talking about his time with the Rams.

    I'd have a lot of faith in a GM that was involved in creating modern scouting to be able to understand what a scout was telling him.....since he basically helped define the job of a scout.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Yes he had felt that was the way to go but he was not the eyes or the evlauator of talent. It was his brain child to create the NFL combines not because he had a keen eye for players but because he felt it would benifets teams to have a central location to bring player and teams to be able to evalute talent but Tex was not doing the scouting of players himself.

    You can claim he was a personel guy all you want but he was not he relied on others to do that but clearly he knew the importance of it but defining the importance of it and being a personel guy is not the same thing. He knew the importance of instant replay, he knew the importantce of bring the AFL/NFL together along with Lamar Hunt the SB came about. Tex was an innovator he was never a scout or a personel guy.
  20. Cowboy Junkie

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    I picked a few things off his board on the show and I do not know if its Parcells true board or just an ESPN prop that means nothing but I picked up these ratings

    4/ Jerel Worthey
    5/ Poe

    5/ N, Perry

    1/R. Lewis
    2/Z. Brown
    3/Travis Lewis
    4/Bruce Irvin

    thats all I picked up. If they are truly his board I find it interesting

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