News: Billick: Jones takes on too much in Dallas

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by DWhite Fan, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Nothing will change until it hits Jerry in the wallet. No matter who says it, Billick or whoever, Jerry believes this is the way to run a team and nothing will persuade him to do otherwise, unless the losing continues and people lose interest and stop buying what he's selling. Unfortunately he's not completely inept, just good enough to be mediocre and keep the fans interested.
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    I've done some research on the Atlanta Falcons and their team. Their GM is Thomas Dimitroff, and he had to earn his way into his position. Dimitroff was highly qualified when he was hired by Atlanta. He was a combine/BLESTO Scout, Area Scout, National Scout, and College Director of Scouting. Furthermore, he has put together an impressive resume in Atlanta. Dimitroff has resurrected that franchise. I hope Felix Jones signs in Atlanta next year. The Falcons have a 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick waiting in the pipeline of their offensive line. They have a pretty young line, too. Matt Ryan is becoming an elite quarterback, too.

    Brian Billick knocks it out of the park here.
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    Kind of makes me wonder, if by chance we were to win another super bowl how long it would take before stories like started popping up again.
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    Kind of makes me wonder why you always have to throw in 'superbowl'. Would that make it worse to chastise a buffoon of an owner? After 17 years? Does it make the truth less truthful? Would it take the common denominator out of the mess this team was put in?

    Superbowl. Pfft. We're residing with the browns and Bengals and the like. Bottom of the cellar. We'll take a stinkin playoff win........two years in a row reflecting a glimmer of hope that maybe we're back.

    Lower the bar, dude. This ain't the storied franchise of yesteryear. We've got us a victorias secret in a stadium where women dance on columns and SELL standing room only tickets.
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    The sentiment has gone international which means it will bleed into the local media stronger than ever and the team will have to face having Jerrah as a step daddy.
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    Dimitroff was part of the Browns staff and apprenticed under Belichik as well. Watch the NFL films show about that staff, you can find it on YouTube, interesting show IMO
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    I'd recommend reading The War Room by Michael Holley. He provides a lot of background on Dimitroff and how he came up working with Belichick and Pioli.

    That is what a GM should be......someone who came up as a scout and worked under some experienced professionals.
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    Romo with 2 more INTS

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