News: Bleacher Report: Deion Sanders' Blown Coverage: The Former Star on Dallas Cowboys' D

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    Deion Sanders' Blown Coverage: The Former Star on Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant
    Gene Strother
    (Correspondent) on December 3, 2010

    Deion Sanders may be the greatest cornerback to ever grace a football field. Not only did he epitomize the shutdown corner, the very term was invented to describe him.

    That said, Deion is also among the biggest self-promoters to ever play a team sport. He dubbed himself "Prime Time," danced to the beat of his own drummer and allegedly sewed seeds of discord in locker rooms where he played.

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  2. MichaelWinicki

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    Great article.
  3. Chuck 54

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    Ouch! No man-love there.
  4. Juke99

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    This article is on the nosey...

    Then again, Sanders is right about the fact that he should be ranked higher than 34th all time.
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    Good article!! I loved Deions game but he is very fake and says a lot of stupid things on the NFLN. It's real easy to see right thru him. He knows very little about todays Cowboy football team.. Again, loved him as a player though. He's the best CB I've ever seen..
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    Didn't ever like the idea of Sanders playing for the Cowboys, don't like that he is considered a former Cowboy, and couldn't care less about his opinions on the Cowboys organization. It's not going to happen, but I would like to see him passed over in final hall voting.
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    Okay, I don't like Deion, but that was a real hack job. Typical Bleacher Report fan-written junk.
  8. T-RO

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    Grand slam article. Right on the money.

    Deion is a bad seed, and his influence is perpetually negative. Keep away women, children, rookies and the weak-minded.
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    Agreed. I never liked the person Deion. I still love the player.
  10. Eddie

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    Deion was a hired gun ... not a real Cowboy.
  11. BHendri5

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    More garbage. they really need to pass a law against garbage like this. this article not only is about trashing Deion, but also about trashing T.O., and yes Deion brought T.O. into the article.

    Also, Deion was not trashing Irivn, he was giving them an example of how Irvin was, everyone that is a fan of the Boys or not knows how Mike was.

    I cannot speak on the thing between Aikman and Deion, do not know if it was true or not, but there were always whispers about Aikman being prejudice, and frankly I never cared if he was or not, my favorite players were Irvin, Emmitt, Deion, Moose, then Aikman.
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    'Hired guns' like Deion, Haley, and Novacek contributed mightily to the Cowboys being the 'team of the decade' in the 90s.

    Are they 'real Cowboys'?

    For my money (and more importantly Jerry's)... yep, they are.


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