Bledsoe on 4th Down

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Houstonboys13, Dec 13, 2005.

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    This question may have been asked before, but after the incompletion to Witten in the end zone on 4th down, Bledsoe thought the Cowboys series was over and took off his helmet in disgust. Could the refs have called a 15 yard penalty on this?
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    does it matter? the answer is no though.
  3. KingTuna

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    No. They only call that flag if the player is doing it in flagrant celebration or unsportsmanlike behavior.
  4. joseephuss

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    It could have been called according to the letter of the law. Most of the time it is only called in the circumstances you cite or when a player is complaining to the ref after a call while his helmet is off.
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    Does any question after the end of the game matter? No, but people still ask? I was just wondering if this is something Bill should tell his players to be careful about. It would have stunk for us to be in a 1st and goal situation from the 20 yard line.
  6. theogt

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    How long after the play is called dead until you can take your helmet off?
  7. Typhus

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    Has that penalty even been called recently?
    I can't remember seeing that penalty for quite soom time, and I watch alot of games.... wasn't the origin of the penalty to control post scoring celebrations?
    Seemed to be a fad for awhile whenever a player scored, they would pull off the ole melon holder so we could all see how pretty they were.
    Celebrations have evolved to the point now that CJ can do some form of a ramba dance, so I just think that the helmet removal / celebration enigma has passed by in the eyes of the refs.
  8. Ashwynn

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    If your about to leave the field and not celerating, I think they dont look at that as showboating. Something like Bledsoes helmet deal is a non issue.
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    It was called the Emmitt rule and for 1 season they called it, now it is no longer called. During lastnights game Madden brought up the point about the rule pretaining to crowd noise that was put into place several years back now it is a non-issue. Strange how these rules are in the book but are not called
  10. conner01

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    i don't think they could have called a penalty. once they called the illegal contact and the play ended then the play clock would have stopeed thus no penalty.i could be wrong but once the play clock is stopped i don't think they can call that penalty. usually it's after a td and the play clock is reset. after the penalty the play clock was not reset.
  11. joseephuss

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    The play clock is stopped after a TD and that is how the penalty originated.

    I remember Kevin Smith got flagged for taking his helmet off in frustration for being called for pass interference. He took his helmet off and hung his head and the refs nailed him for that to go along with the P.I. The bad thing about that was that later in that game against the Giants, Phillipi Sparks got called for pass interference and took his helmet off and got in the face of the ref, but there was no call. They waved off the P.I. because the ball was tipped, but it still should have been a no helmet penalty.

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