Bledsoe the "statue" - undeserved moniker?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wimbo, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Wimbo

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    Anyone think that calling Bledsoe a "statue" is not only tired, but wrong?
    Sure, he isn't Michael Vick, but they have both been sacked the same number of times. Bledsoe is also one of only 7 QBs with a rushing TD this season. He is middle of the pack in rushing yards by a QB (not that I want our QB rushing anyway). In every game this season, I have seen him make good moves to avoid pressure. I think he got a bad rap playing behind a horrible line in Buffalo... from what I have seen this year, he doesn't deserve the name. Again, no one will mistake him for Vick, but he shouldn't be compared to an inanimate object, either. Thoughts?
  2. Doomsday101

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    I agree with you and have been saying the same. Buffalo used Bledsoe as a scape goat and many jumped on that wagon. Plain and simple Drew is a fine QB and I'm damn happy to have him on this team and now he has a chance to show the nay sayers just how wrong they really were about him.
  3. big_neil

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    Good observation. But next week it's the Giants, and Drew still hasn't proven he can win against teams that start with the letter 'G'.
  4. junk

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    Bledsoe is at his best standing in the pocket and throwing.

    Even yesterday, you could see when he had to get out and move a bit, his accuracy suffered.
  5. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    I'm not talking about running but he slides in the pocket and did a great job of avoiding pass rushes and still maintained high accuracy on the day. He also showed great touch on some short passes including a WR screen we ran perfectly. I just feel he was taking some abuse that he did not deserve.
  6. Nors

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    I think he's been stereotyped for all the hits he has taken. I think his toughness and willingness to hang in the pocket are mistaken for lack of mobility. When he decides - for a big guy he moves very well.

    The staTue is ALIVE!
  7. Derinyar

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    He is not highly mobile, but we knew that already. He can move pretty well in the pocket and is big enough to shed some arm tackles.
  8. davidyee

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    ...carried away with this thought. If there was any serious pressure on Bledsoe there would be trouble for our offence. Don't eat the cheese from this win. We are one or two protection mistakes from a losing game.
  9. yesfan

    yesfan Well-Known Member

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    Bledsoe deserves all the accolades he's receiving right
    now.Some of those passes yesterday were just thrown so
    beautifully,i think he will prove alot of writers wrong and surely
    those idiots in Buffalo.
  10. WV Cowboy

    WV Cowboy Waitin' on the 6th

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    I'm not eating any cheese, but what game were you watching ?
  11. Da Hammer

    Da Hammer The Natural

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    Didn't Bledsoe yesterday outrush Westbrook? I dont think a statue could do that but i may be wrong
  12. AdamJT13

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    Yes, Bledsoe outrushed Westbrook 14-12.

    The Eagles' leading rusher in the first half was Lamar Gordon. One carry, 5 yards.
  13. BlueWave

    BlueWave New Member

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    Pass me that cheese, I have a hamburger ready to put it on. We are also one or two mistakes away from being 5-0. Now, that's some good cheese.
  14. Givincer

    Givincer Well-Known Member

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    he can run downhill pretty well though.. he's not slow straight away runner by any stretch...
  15. ddh33

    ddh33 Active Member

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    Careful now. Just imagine if people had to change their underserved monikers.

    You could no longer say that Henson is a bust. You couldn't say that Newman was a bust. You couldn't say that Zimmer and Payton are worst assistant coaches in the league. You couldn't say Bill Parcells has let the game pass him by. You couldn't say that Roy Williams can't cover...

    Then what would we talk about?
  16. Texas33

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    Wilbert Montgomery outrushed Westbrook yesterday...and he's been retired or about 20 years now...
  17. SuspectCorner

    SuspectCorner Bromo

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    that statue is doing a pretty darned good job of slinging the football.

    now i just need for somebody to please explain to me exactly why Terry Glenn ISN'T a "number one" receiver. i still don't get that one.
  18. TheHustler

    TheHustler Active Member

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    He's been moving around pretty good.
  19. Hiero

    Hiero New Member

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    ya i agree, bledsoe is showing what he can do with a real OL. he's old and isnt a speed demon, but he looked damn good running for the first. good awareness it seems so far.

  20. mr.jameswoods

    mr.jameswoods Active Member

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    Drew is a statue. Our offensive line has just been protecting him. BUT to give Drew credit, he has improved his decision making this year. In the past, he would force passes. Now, the guy is happy throwing it out of bounds. This is why he is taking less sacks than in the past. He doesn't hold onto the ball as long as he used to. Like I said, he will throw it away if he doesn't see anything. That's so unlike the former Drew Bledsoe.

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