Bledsoe vs. KC Bledsoe vs. NYG

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Muhast, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Muhast

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    if you watch Bledsoe vs. NYG and Bledsoe vs. KC he is 2 completely different players.

    Against NYG he was slow to get the snap and drop back. Against KC he seemed to sprint back.

    Against NYG he underthrew passes. Against KC he was perfect at times(see the pass to Witten's location on the 26 yard td)

    Against NYG he was looking for places to go with the pass rush. Against KC he trusted the blockers.

    Against NYG he took a 5 step drop. Against KC he took a 8 step drop, which gave him PLENTY of room once he stepped back up in the pocket.

    the rest is obvious.
  2. KingTuna

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    You forgot to mention the improved O-line play JUST enough for Bledsoe to buy an extra second or two.

    Bledsoe will DELIVER if you give him half decent protection..

    Bledsoe was ON FIRE against the Chiefs...
  3. Muhast

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    "and the rest is obvious"
  4. EGG

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    I saw very little improvement from the OL except for the fact that they didn't max protect as much and yet somehow managed not to be any worse than the week before ,,, at least this way Bledsoe had more targets to choose from during his 2.5 seconds of "solitude". :rolleyes:
  5. demdcowboys#1

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    Bledsoe was FIYAHHHHH vs. KC

    He was killin, i hope he gets that time vs. WSH and SMOKES THEM!!!!!!!
  6. TunaFan33

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    Our OL was never perfect to begin with. Had alot of holes in wk 1, have alot of issues still now.

    However-for the upteenth time, Flo's loss has made a huge impact nonetheless. Now Drew has that blind-sided rush worry on his mind every time he drops back to pass. Trent Green had this same problem when Willie Roaf went down, and Eli changed COMPLETELY when his tackles went down yesterday.

    Apparently, maybe he's developed this "trust" factor with Tucker now. If so, this is GOOD news.

    Either way, with the playoff stretch, they just need to turn everyone loose. Glad they got rid of all this conservative, max-protect crap. If they commit 5 turnovers 'cuz Tucker and Pettiti can't block, fine. But with extra blockers consistently like in previous weeks, we ain't gonna get any pts.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Just keep in mind that the Giants Defense and the Chiefs Defense come from two different worlds
  8. ChldsPlay

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    I saw Bledsoe yelling at the sideline once for them to get the play in. It was on one of the scoring drives and they were in the redzone after a good play, he was signaling them for like 10 seconds to hurry up and get him a play so they could keep the momentum going. Bill and Payton were discussing it while Drew was waiting.
  9. TunaFan33

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    True-but even in the Seattle game, GRANT WISTROM(who's nothing but a 2 bit hack) looked like a freagin' Pro Bowler out there. The Iggles' and Lions' under-manned DLs had our ways with us. And the Gints were playing with 3/4 man fronts mostly.

    Their OL play wasn't exactly ground-breaking either. However-with our backs to the wall, I'm just happy that they responded in a big way.
  10. big_neil

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    I was thinking - Dallas has those 3 games in 11 days, and then the 10 days off. I think they may have had some signs of fatigue in the NYG game. Sort of a delayed reaction from the crazy Thansgiving week. I find that if I stay up all night I'm ok the next day but 2 days later I'm tired. Maybe it's like that with weeks in the NFL.
  11. percyhoward

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    The Giants are tied for 7th in the NFL in sacks.
    The Chiefs are tied for 22nd.

    Remaining schedule...
    Skins 20th
    Carolina 9th
    Rams 27th
  12. Doomsday101

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    Boy your not kidding. The biggest difference is Dallas O-line did a better job aginst a KC D-line that is not near as dominate as the Giants DL.
  13. TunaFan33

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    2 of Carolina's DL are hobbling. Nothing major, but they may not be healthy enough in 2 weeks either. Cadillac ran all over them the other day.
  14. 31smackdown

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    Deeper drops may actually be better for Drew.... He does not play well with people in front of him or around his feet. I agree that a lot of this was dur to a less then stellar Chiefs D.

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