Bledsoe's short passing

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Qwickdraw, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I said this numerous times before but has anyone else realized that he can not throw the ball with any accuracy or touch under 15 yards?

    He does some sidearm crap or beams at their feet or throws it behind them.
    He's such an ogre it's like he's throwing down at everyone, never on the mark.

    And JJ has no hands. Once again.
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    bledsoe is blesdsoe. you win with him or you lose with him. give him time and he will shred a secondary. dont give him time and he will get rushed into a mistake. dont lie, you know earlier in the season you were saying to your self "bledsoe is king!!" now that we are losing you shouldnt blame him. the whole team is playing bad.
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    I think it has been said numerous times and I noted that while watching live at Texas stadium that he is worst QB I have seen at throwing dump offs, as great he is at the Deep ball.

    I think he hates the dump off passes and it shows, one reason, and second reason is that he is very late coming to Dump off passes, which makes him hurry those passes, making them real bad passes.

    Yeah, Julius doesn't have good feel for catching the ball at all. Ah, who the heck cares, I hate the retreads we keep getting each year at QB. Yeah, I forgot we are lucky to have Drew Bledsoe :rolleyes:

    Now, I do like Drew Bledsoe the man, off the field, and never been fan on the field, not this week, not last 14 weeks, no matter how he played. Its not really about how he plays, but I am just sick of temporary fixes that take the cowboys nowhere when the its time to play in end of season. I fully expected the meltdown from Drew and Offense, end of season. Of course I was blasted for hating Bledsoe :rolleyes:

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