Blind Homers

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by cml750, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Agreed, since establishing my own particular poster filter (i don't ignore, it's not my thing) the board has been more enjoyable.

    I know the 'likes collector' :) won't want to hear it but the likes system leads to a serious hardening of positions on both sides, i swear people make very polarizing posts simply for that feature alone.

    BTW where is my like for the post you quoted?
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    Excellent post!!! I agree 100%.
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    For me its not that I want to make villans out of anyone its that all of your pissin and moanin gets really old. I can see full well what this team is and that it is not winning right now but the fact that you do not accept it is not going to change one thing no matter how much you think you know how to fix the team.

    I realize the longer our streak of average play goes on the more disgruntled fans are going to get but its kinda like me and my brother when we were kids, I could pick on him and call him names and that was fine but if someone outside the family did then they got to deal with me. It wasnt that bad around here until the last couple seasons but now with all of the bashing it is almost like coming to Extreme Skins and I think the fans you call blind homers see exactly what is going but are protecting their "little brother" from getting picked on.
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    race to where? Is there a minor league pitcher coming out in the draft in 2015? We know JJ cannot pass one up.

    We can't dump Romo and his broken back until 2017 at the earliest. We are on the hook for a $40 million cap number if back boy does not play in 2015. There will be a 22 million hit in 2016 if we cut him then.
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    We cannot dump him, but if he's ineffective we can draft a QB, which really is the cheapest back up we can have with a rookie. Romo can either retire or mentor, it's his choice.
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    The best thing is to just be a fan of the team, in any form you want, and not really care if someone likes your stance on things. I defend some things the team does, I don't others, but I don't do either one of those with the thought in my head about what someone else will think about my opinion on something.
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    Here's the thing, though...and I'll use myself as an example since I'm a giant homer and everybody knows it: I *know* which category I'd fit into for most of you guys. By the same token, it's not a matter of opinion, but it's an actual fact that if you were to review my post history, you'd see an awful lot of critical posts about the things this team has done the last several years. And yet I constantly receive friendly criticism that suggests I *never* have anything bad to say about the organization. There are posts here just this week that suggest just that, to which I've replied with direct significant criticism of the organization only to be called a blind homer again in the next post in the same thread by the same poster I'd replied with the criticism to. This is verifiable stuff, because the posts are there on the Recent Activity tab for everybody to see.

    Similarly, with very, very few exceptions, I don't actually see positive posters who aren't capable of criticizing the organization. Crazy Cowboy's always positive. Winicky subscribes to the don't-say-anything-if-you-don't-have-anything-nice-to-say school. Who else? And yet, I could name you a dozen posters where we can literally scroll through their message history for pages and never hear a positive word about anything relating to the organization on any topic. I've seen it for years, too, but I don't think it's the case at all that it happens on both sides.

    In fact, name me some of the positive posters you're referring to, and I'll take the time to sift through their posts and see if maybe you're right and it's just not registering for me for whatever reason. I can do the same for negative posters after that, and try to get a gauge of just how even things really are. I might end up being surprised by the outcome.

    Generally speaking, though, to your post, I'd agree with you that anybody who only thinks happy thoughts about an 8-8 team that's missed the post season four seasons running ought to reconsider some of those thoughts. Similarly with anybody who thinks 8-8 is a dumpster fire of epic proportions. The reality is there's a lot of good and a lot of bad that goes on in any 8-8 season, and the Dallas Cowboys recently have been no exception.

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