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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by austintodallas, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Curb Your Enthusiam, It’s Only Preseason

    By Rafael Vela

    I think it’s fair to assume the Cowboys will sputter some this Saturday. Bill Parcells has given his teams the most elemental game plans in each of his three preseason openers and I don’t expect any thing more against Seattle.
    Parcells has used the games to evaluate players. Consequently, he relies very little on scheme, forcing his guys to show athleticism. When Dallas’ opponents choose to open up their playbooks, as Arizona did last year, the results can be dreadful.

    On the other hand, Seattle may take a similar approach, keeping the offensive and defensive schemes basic to better evaluate man-on-man matchups. They’re the defending NFC champs, so they know they’re good. If that’s the case, we could see an enjoyable game, and get plenty of opportunities to assess key players.

    Seattle should offer a great chance to evaluate Greg Ellis’ conversion to OLB. The West Coast offense throws heavily to backs and tight ends and tests a linebacker’s coverage skills to the utmost. Mike Holmgren and Parcells are friends and some fans on the practice fence yesterday wondered aloud if Parcells might not call Holmgren and ask him to throw at his guy. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.

    Regardless of the game plans, or lack thereof, keep your eyes off the scoreboard and focus them on the bubble boys. See if Tony Romo keeps his poise; give some attention to Marc Colombo at right tackle; look for Sam Hurd on the punt coverage teams; track Tyson Thompson’s runs and see what Pat Watkins does at nickel safety.

    Those are the things that matter. What was the score, after all, of last year’s Cardinals preseason games? I can’t remember either, because ultimately it doesn’t matter.
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    There will be people jumping off the ledge if we lose by 10, but his point is exactly correct.
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    I agree 100%. Actually I started a thread about this last week. Under Parcells we always have performed bad the 1st Pre-Season game, especially on offense. 2 of the 3 first pre-season games under Parcells we have been shut out.

    The 2nd and 3rd Pre-Season games is where things start to look up.
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    I'm excited about this game and happy I will get to see it if only on the spanish station.

    What I want to see:

    1. Greg Ellis in pass coverage.
    2. How bad the shape of our DT position actually is.
    3. See what Parcells is talking about with the advancement of Romo.
    4. Check out Watkins coverage skills also, but really his run stopping skills (which is what I'm actually concerned about)
    5. First real looks at Carpenter.
    6. See if the offensive line is actually solidifying as been noted of late.
    7. See Skyler Green return some kicks/punts.
    8. See if Hurd can get me to rave about him the way everyone at TC is raving.
    9. Check the readiness of our punt and kick coverages.
    10. Finally, to actually get to see the Boys in action! :)
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    ...why if two coaches are friendly that a call can't be exchanged and a request for some basic plays from each side to assist the coaches in evaluating a specific player.

    It would make too much sense, be useful and be a win/win situation for each party.

    I could see requests such as throw a screen to Greg's side of the field. Or I have a new OLB and I was wondering if you could give Witten or Fasano some work on his side.

    Where I would expect a true request to come from is in the area of special teams. These are usually the bubble guys and you would expect the coach to ask for the kicks to go the side of the new returner.

    Guys are going to be competitive, but it would help to be able to target them in certain plays for eval purposes.
  6. Alexander

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    Great point.

    This happens all the time. Coach Parcells knows Holmgren and I am sure they have their own things they want to see how the players react and will call plays to further their own mutual causes.
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    I agree with this report......I just want to see how Romo, Carp, watkins look
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    I posted an earlier thread about the exact same thing Vela, is talking about it was titled: Calm Before the Storm.

    Prepare yourself there will be some fans that will declare Doomsday, if the Cowboys lose Saturday.
  9. ringmaster

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    But you and I both know these fans are coming by the droves if we lose, or win a meaningless preseason game Saturday.
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    Good point.
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this happen. Romo may have given that hint away already, in fact, when he said the other day something to the effect of testing the team against the NFC champs. (I think it was Romo.) I'm guessing Parcells has asked Holmgren to step it up a notch so he can see how this team responds. Realistically tho, we're only likely to see their first-stringers for a couple of plays. Holmgren certainly isn't going to want to risk his guys getting hurt against a fired up Roy, who you know is just itching to get his first huge hit of the new season.

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