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    Back to Work, Practice Report, Monday, August 14th
    By Rafael Vela

    Trey gives us the rundown from Monday afternoon’s workout:

    After Saturday’s game and their 3.1 yard per run average, I figured today practice would revolve around improving the running game. I was wrong. They focused on special teams, three wide receiver sets and the nickel and dime defenses.

    Today’s practice featured a sight that Cowboy fans hope to never see this year. They were running a three wide receiver offense and T.O., Terry Green and Patrick Crayton were not in the starting lineup. In there place were Terrence Copper, Sam Hurd and Jamaica Rector. Since they were missing all three starters the same three receivers played with both the first and the second unit. If you’re looking for a reason why Dallas is looking at their wide receiver options there is was in living color.

    In the meantime, Terrell Owens was running fast with the strength trainer. He also made a few quick turns to test his cutting ability. I expect he will return to practice this week and will be in the lineup next preseason game.
    Bill Parcells lined up about five yards behind the running back and blew his whistle for sacks and if the QB held the ball too long. As Rafael pointed out the pace of practice is remarkably fast. They would get a play off every 20 seconds. Andre Gurode and Jason Fabini started at center and RT with Al Johnson and Rob Petitti playing with the second unit. Julius Jones was the starting tailback, though Marion Barber got in a few plays with the staring unit.

    The three young wide outs did ok against the first sting defense, but you could see the impact of the talent drop off. The defense often doubled Jason Witten who caught only one pass in the drills. The receivers moved around a bit and matched up verse various corners. Terence Newman as usual shut down his man, but the other corners gave up a few passes, but no long plays. All three caught passes, but Rector had the best practice of any of the receivers. He did particularly well out of the slot. Against the second team defense the outside receivers did better, Copper and Hurd each catching a long pass from Tony Romo. Hurd caught a long one right against the sideline on a fade route.

    The first unit 3-4 defense consisted of the usual. In the dime package they played with a number of different looks with the front five. The most common lineup was Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware at ends with Jeremiah Ratliff at NT and Bradie James and Kevin Burnett at linebacker. An interesting twist was they seeing Pepper Johnson playing DE in place of Ware. Not sure what he was doing on the outside. The second unit dime package was Junior Glymph, Coleman and Chris Canty backed up by Al Singleton and Scott Shanle. Glymph and Ware each got a sack. In one of the nickel packages they had Ellis at end and Glymph and Ware at OLB. They brought them all and earned a whistle.

    The third string offense was outplayed by the defense. Drew Henson was inconsistent and Miles Austin and J.R. Tolver did not create separation. Parcells would blow his whistle if too much time had passed despite the fact that the third string pass rush had not gotten there yet. Skyler Green was the best receiver in the third unit. He caught three short passes and one for about twelve yards.

    For special teams they practiced field goals and punts. They also drilled roles for kickoff returns. Linemen set up wedges while carrying foam blocking pads while other defenders smashed themselves into the wedge. It seemed they tried out half the DB and Wide outs for the gunner position. In general the two defenders beat our gunners.

    Green and Newman practiced catching punts in the sun. I was watching from the end zone behind them and looking up all you could see was sun. Crafty Parcells waited until the sun was just right and then had them practice field punts with defenders running at them. Newman showed better speed, but Green won this round as Newman muffed two punts and he fielded all of his.
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    Terry glenn changed his name? :eek: :eek:
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    I just can't see how Copper holds onto a roster spot the way things are going.

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