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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Aug 7, 2011.

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    You can be proud of the focus, effort and results of today's intersquad Blue White scrimmage in the Alamo Dome:starspin

    --The day started out at the teams Hotel as a bumped into Coach Ryan as he was getting on the team bus. He was focused and ignored the fans today. He has a sandwich in one hand and a Gatorade in his other. I admit to wanting to lose 10 lbs myself, however this dude is ready for delivery and day.

    --Coach Garrett started the day by speaking with the entire team. I scanned the faces of each player with my binoculars and DID NOT see any poor facial expressions. It was clear who was in charge.

    --9 Romo, Tony QB 6-2 227 9 Eastern Illinois is a top QB in this league--period. He is special when the pocket breaks down. Who has a quicker release in the NFL? That is what I thought.....
    Tony played a very solid game and he our unquestioned leader and hope for any playoff appearances.

    --16 Holley, Jesse WR 6-2 216 2 North Carolina played his best today since his arrival to S.A. He got hit just as the ball arrived and used his body to protect the ball for a nice first down. He caught another nice pass picking the ball off the carpet. Job well done today for the Holley fans.

    --26 Thomas, Josh CB 5-11 188 R Buffalo is a player and we should praise our draft dept for this pick. He really fills the whole immediately when recognizing a run. He hit Tanner hard today. This kid already tackles better then Prime Time. Now, that is where the comparisions stop, but this kid shows great ball skills and really makes up ground on the Wr when the ball is in the air. I just feel very good about this player.

    -- 35 Miller, Lonyae RB 6-0 232 1 Fresno State was the CrazyCowboy MVP of the Blue/White scrimmage. I reported last week about #34 Tanner catching my eye and he did do some nice things. However, he has hit the wall with dead legs. On the other hand #35 Miller is turning into a stud and I predict he made the team today. Sorry Choice fans but the right choice is for Coach Garrett to promote Miller to #3. He is fast, tough as nails, runs with heart and even has a little high stepping style when in the open field. Someone high up should be bragging on this kid soon.

    --47 Albright, Alex LB 6-5 257 R Boston College is making a strong case to make this team. He is tall and lanky, but all Chris Carter used to do was catch TD passes. All Albright can do is find the football. He knocked down another pass, made several tackles and you could hear players and coaches cheering his effort on the field today. We have some tough choices at LB position for Coach Ryan.

    Another example,

    --58 Lemon, Orie LB 6-1 244 R Oklahoma St really brings a load of whoop *** to the party. Man, he filled the hole on multiple occassions today echoing the resulting hit throughout the Dome. He first got my attention Friday with some hard hits and he has continued throughout the weekend. Man, I really like this guy also, but I am afraid we do not have room for all these new LBs.

    --62 Arkin, David G 6-5 307 R Missouri State did an outstanding job today hanging in there and not letting all of the blitzing confuse him. He is strong as reported and in time I believe he will be in the starting lineup. Solid player.

    --77 Smith, Tyron OT 6-5 307 R Southern California has imporved significantly everyday of camp. He puts in extra work with the coaches, Ware, Ratliff and Free that I have witnessed. Great work ethic and attitude. He DID NOT allow Ware or anyone close to that name to our QB during the live action. By far his BEST day as a Pro. Today, I believe his NFL lights got brighter. We have and future All Pro on our team!

    --DEZ is amazing.....that is all I am going to say! If we can keep his pants pulled up and his bling bling payments up to date......he will be the best in the NFL.

    --85 Ogletree, Kevin WR 6-1 187 3 Virginia deserves props today. He played a very good game and laid good evidence as to why he should be Coach Garretts choice for the #3 wideout. He ran percise routes and made a beautiful first down catch accross the middle of the field from ROMO. His route running has really improved and that could be from working with our new Wr Coach from Green Bay. We all seen how good those wideouts looked that he coached up!

    --98 Coleman, Kenyon DE 6-5 295 11 UCLA is strong as a mule. His arms are simply the biggest on the team that I could see from my 50 yd line seat. Seriously, he is strong at playing the run. I saw him throw the G to the ground and grab the running back and slam him to the carpet. Ryan might be on to something bringing this tough guy on.

    --28 Jones, Felix RB 5-10 219 4 Arkansas folks Grandpa looks ready to get his groove thing on. Man, he is quick to the hole, waits on his lineman to engage the block and then bang, Felix is GONE! He is going to be a top Fantasy back this year if you enjoy that stuff and I believe he could be had for a great value as other then Cowboy fans will not expect the improvement from him this year.

    Ok, those are the players who caught my eye today in a positive way.

    However, I must report to you the negative.

    I am very concerned with our defensive secondary. Why? because when our young offensive lineman picked up the blitzes, ROMO made the 1st team D secondary look like a fish out of water.

    I like Ryan alot, however, he and I can talk all the smack talk we want too, but we better start finding some players who can cover a WR. Now, for the record....Jenkins did sit out. But, literally 3 times ROMO found Wr's wide open from blown coverages for easy 1st downs.

    Maybe, they are still learning the Ryan packages and that is understandable. I guess I am a little GUN SHY from last years record Defensive performances for points allowed.

    Ok, I would really like to hear back from you smart Zoners as to why our DEFENSE will be better then last year. Yes, I know we added Ryan, Elam, and are starting Lee etc.....but I am a little concerned after watching ROMO light them up today with a 2nd string center and a Rookie RT.
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    Thanks CC...I noticed in the training camp videos how well KO ran the deep out...

    Picture perfect...I just hope he can stay focused
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    Great read CC! Thank you for posting.
  4. CrazyCowboy

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    Yes, I agree. KO only problem seems to be consistancy. He looked great today and tomorrow he might look lost for some reason.

    But, the guy has lots of talent.
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    great reporting. i knew our secondary would be extremely weak. jerry did nothing to bolster it in the off season...absolutely NOTHING. he did draft 2 players with injury problems in the first round though!! but seriously im really excited to see tyron smith block someone. he sounds like a future pro-bowler, if he keeps improving, which im sure he will considering he's only 20
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    Love your posting. And especially those two comment:


    Thanks alot!
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    Thanks CC for the info and Im glad to hear that Felix is looking good. As for the defense, they can only improve since the secondary was without Jenkins and Newman. Those two players make things different. Our offense will be in the top five i'm sure and the D will improve just from the fact that they are practicing against a very good Offense....I hope.
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    Funny you mentioned his young age of only 20.

    I was looking his huge frame over today and he is rock solid from the waist down. His long arms are like tree trunks and his hands are hard to describe they are so big. When he really engages someone....they do not move.

    He got hold of Spencer today on a blitz pickup and it looked like Spencer hit a solid wall ....he did not budge it one inch. It was beautiful!
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    Just think what he will be when his body matures a little and actually becomes a man. At 20, he's really still a kid when it comes to physical maturity. To think he should get naturally stronger every year for another 4-5 years is scary.
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    Thanks for the report! Could you tell us which receivers were getting the ball in the following part of your quote? If it's Austin/Dez/Witten then you shouldn't be TOO concerned. Those guys are elite and our starting corners are out. Why'd you think the Eagles got Nnamdi? Yeah, that's right!
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    Appreciate the information, I'm starting to get super pumped for the season to start.

    Glad to hear about the RB's and Albright.
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    Been waiting anxiously all day for your Blue & White scrimmage report, Crazy. Thanks a million. Always an enjoyable read.

    I for one am not going to get too worried about our secondary at the moment. First of all, Newman and Jenkins were sidelined. Sensy just recently resigned and Elam has been here all but 48 hours?

    We started Ball and O-Scan. Scandrick is more of a nickel corner (3rd on the roster) and will get better. Ball is a liability and only needs to see the field in dime packages.

    So again, after one full week of TC, I wouldn't get too disappointed. We still have 4 preseason games to see what we have with many practices left inbetween. No doubt Rob is going to mutha-blankity blank those guys on defense. Improvement is coming.

    Besides, we were pretty vanilla today, right? :laugh2: Don't freak out just yet peeps. :)
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    LOL thank you for bringing that to my attention. Many laughs were had.
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    Crazy? I have to say since I first saw you post back in the day, you have significantly gotten better though out the years. Good job Man.
    I was going to say that you can blitz all you want but here are some things you have to worry about if you're going to do that.

    First off, if you are going to be sending guys left and right, YOU'D BETTER get to the QB quickly, or else you can hang it up.

    When you're moving all over the place on defense, you'd better get back in to coverage position when the ball is snapped trying to fake a blitz, etc... If not, lights out.

    If Garrett and Romo get out of that huddle quickly and draw a long snap count to get an idea of who's coming, then it isn't going to work.
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    Indeed. :)

    Good job on another great report.
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    I don't think you should be worried with our secondary when both of our starting CBs were out.

    We all know next year Newman will be gone and if Scandrick has a good year he will be brought back if not then he is gone. We will have to go CB early ion the draft and good thing next year will have several good CBs to pick from.

    We all also know there isn't going to be much money to spend in FA next year but safety has to be where we spend our money. I dot see how Sensy and Elam will play well enough to get long term deals. Godfrey and Griffin will both be free agents, both from Texas and both are playing for losing teams.

    I know this is a long ways away from next offseason and we have no idea whats going to happen this season. But I had to look at the players that could be available.

    Here is my list
    Calais Campbell or Kendall Langford
    Charles Godfrey
    Micheal Griffen
    Ahtyba Rubin

    hopefully Jerry can find enough money for those four
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    Yea, guess your right.....I just needed to hear the sound of reason. Man, when sitting in the stands and seeing no pressure and Wr running wide open at will.....I did not know if I should be EXCITED OVER OUR OFFENSE or disgusted by our D?
  19. CrazyCowboy

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    LOL....that went right past my editing dept. I put that together very fast and wow....I did not mean it like that.

    Now I know what the players mean by taking something out of context. :)
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    Thanks CC!

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