Bo knows what? Bo Jackson’s surprising post-NFL/MLB career

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    Bo knows what? Bo Jackson’s surprising post-NFL/MLB career
    By Jim Weber
    Thu Aug 25 11:53am EDT

    [​IMG], the college sports fan site and player database, regularly contributes to Shutdown Corner. Here's a look at former Raiders running back Bo Jackson.

    According to a series of legendary Nike advertisements, Bo Jackson knew pretty much everything: football, baseball, tennis, cycling -- even cricket.

    But more than two decades after those ads first aired, who would have thought the former NFL and Major League Baseball star -- the guy who was the subject of so much awe and admiration for his seemingly superhuman athletic ability -- would know banking, too?

    These days, you can find the 48-year-old Jackson in the suburbs of Chicago as a part-owner and director of the Burr Ridge Bank & Trust.

    The move isn't completely out of left field, so to speak, as he worked as a bank teller while at Auburn. But that's a long way from serving as one of 21 owners and directors of his own financial institution.

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    Bo was a great player both in Baseball and Football, hated to see his career end as it did with the hip injury

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