Bob McGinn speaks to unnamed nfl scouts on prospects

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    Bob McGinn does this piece every year on the potential first round prospects and as usual it's a great read. Full Article

    Here's a few may interest interest some around here.

    Sheldon Richardson*, DT, Missouri: 6-2½, 294. Played in junior college for two years before starting two seasons for Tigers. "He's an athlete playing D-tackle," one scout said. "He's really quick. He's a pass rusher and plays the run pretty well. He's got a little edge to him. He got a lot better this year." Finished with six sacks in 24 games (13 starts). "He plays D-tackle and they stand him up at linebacker sometimes, but he's got to be a D-end," another scout said. "Kind of an undersized athletic move guy. Just kind of a finesse athlete. Big-time character questions."

    Sharrif Floyd*, DT, Florida: 6-2½, 297. "He's the best (defensive tackle) of the bunch," one scout said. "All he does is make plays." Played three years, finishing with 4½ sacks in 37 games (26 starts). "He could be a five-technique, a three-technique or line up on the shade (nose tackle)," another scout said. "He can rush the passer and play the run. Good all-around player."

    Johnathan Hankins*, DT, Ohio State: 6-3, 320. Well-rounded inside player. "Naturally strong," one scout said. "(Sheldon) Richardson is a better player but I'd trust Hankins more. He's got a chance for the top 20." Two-year starter with five sacks. "I don't see him getting off blocks," one scout said. "I don't see him controlling blockers in the run game. Overrated."

    Lane Johnson, T, Oklahoma: 6-6, 303. Former prep QB (says he could throw a football 70 yards) and TE. "Basically only a two-year player," one scout said. "He's pretty good but he's still raw." Never started a game until 2011. "He's an intriguing player," another scout said. "He kind of got better as the season went along. His stock is really starting to rise. The more film you watch, the more you like this kid. He's a second-round talent but there are shockers every year like (Philadelphia guard) Danny Watkins in the first (in 2011)."

    Chance Warmack, G, Alabama: 6-2, 317. Some scouts say he's better than Steelers G David DeCastro from a year ago. "He's one of those guys like Will Shields that will just sit in there and play until they retire him," one scout said. "Country boy from Georgia. Just a tough guy. Loves football. Kind of a road-grader in the run game and a fire hydrant in the passing game." Had to be given IVs often because of his excessive sweating. "He scares the hell out of me," another scout said. "They tell you he can't play more than one position and you have to be careful in games what kind of adjustments you make. Not a real bright kid. He kind of reminds me of (Seattle's James) Carpenter. You see stuff that's impressive, then later in the game he starts to fade. For me, a guard has to be perfect to take in the first round. Because how much difference is there in that guy and a guy you take in the fourth?"

    D.J. Fluker*, T, Alabama: 6-5, 339. Brawling RT often compared to Bills LT Cordy Glenn and Vikings RT Phil Loadholt. "He's an Aaron Gibson type," one scout said. "Very flexible. He's massive. Real long arms (36¾ inches) and a big, broad back. The quickness thing will get to him. That's my concern about him. He'll have some problems with speed rushers but I like his demeanor." Three-year starter. Vocal leader, constantly challenges teammates. "His (expletive) is bigger than a coffee table," another scout said. "He's got huge legs. He doesn't have much fat on him at all and he's got some nastiness to him. He's a high-energy player. He's jumping around when people score. You love to see that out of a big man."

    Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina: 6-2, 311. Compared by one scout to Guy McIntyre, a great 49ers guard who finished with Green Bay in 1994. "Great athlete," one scout said. "Can make all the blocks. Problem is the guy played at 280, 285 pounds. He has played bigger. You watch him move, especially for a zone team, he'll be right up their alley."

    Travis Frederick*, C-G, Wisconsin: 6-4, 312. Grew up in Sharon, Wis., and played at Big Foot High School. "If people don't like him they're crazy," one scout said. "He's better than (Kevin) Zeitler and way better than (Peter) Konz. Waaay better. He'll be a better guard than center but he can play center. He's a bull. Smart. When he played against Oregon State he looked very ordinary but then they got rid of the coach (O-line coach Mike Markuson). He's better than (David) DeCastro." Another scout described him as a third-round talent. "When you take a guy in the first round you're hoping for better (than Frederick)," he said. "Ideally, he is more suited to a power-scheme offense than a zone scheme."

    Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah, DE, Brigham Young: 6-5, 271. Track athlete from Ghana who also tried basketball at BYU. Played three years of football for Cougars but never really got on the field until 2012 (13 games, nine starts). "He could be a difference-maker," one scout said. "He makes more plays than 'JPP' (Jason Pierre-Paul) did (at South Florida). He's a freak. You can put him wherever you want." Had big week at the Senior Bowl. "He will blow out the combine and get overdrafted," another scout said. "Everybody will compare him to Jason Pierre-Paul because he didn't play and all that stuff, but they're reaching. This guy never even played football. If he goes in the top 10, two years from now he won't be doing anything. You'll see. He has no idea how to play. He can run fast but that's about it."

    Datone Jones, DE, UCLA: 6-4, 283. Made himself a ton of money rushing the passer in one-on-ones at the Senior Bowl. "More of a second-round guy," one scout said. "I don't know if he can be a five-technique." Fifth-year senior who sat out 2010 with a broken foot. Had 13½ sacks in 51 games (43 starts).

    Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas: 6-1, 218. It's a very good year for safeties but no one can predict which one will be selected first. "He is different than most Texas guys," one scout said. "He's tough and physical. He will hit you, but he's got cover ability, too. I don't think he will run great. It will be good enough. Maybe the lack of 40 time keeps him out of the first." Had just five picks in 50 games. "They played him in the slot," another scout said. "He's a safety cover guy, not a corner cover guy even though he plays on the slot."

    Eric Reid*, S, Louisiana State: 6-2, 212. Two-year starter with six interceptions. "He's probably the best," one scout said. "Big and instinctive. He's got a little stiffness to him." Several personnel men questioned the physical nature of his play. "I don't think he's a big hitter," said one. "I'm not sure if he has deep safety awareness. I don't expect him to be great in man (coverage) but in zone people get behind him all the time. He bothers me, he really does. But he looks the part."

    Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International: 6-0, 209. Started 45 of 50 games and registered seven picks. Moved up significantly after impressive week at the Senior Bowl. "I had him in the fourth on the school call," one scout said. "You can't jump a guy to the second round but somebody will. He's probably going to run pretty well. He's a terrific kid. He will hit you."

    Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State: 6-1, 210. Started all 25 games in 2010 and '12 but sat out '11 with an ankle injury. "He's got really good ball skills," one scout said. "He's very athletic. He's a fine football player." Picked off 13 passes. "He's a tough guy," another scout said.
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    Fantastic read. Thank you for finding it.

    I love when we get to hear what scouts think of these guys directly. Like Vaccaro for instance: To hear that he is tough and physical, unlike a lot of Texas players is very good, because that's always a worry of mine when you're talking about UT guys. Vaccaro just went up in my eyes.

    I know you can't always take it as the gospel and that sometimes you kind of have to find a happy medium between what some of the scouts say about a player... but it is information we didn't have before reading that article.
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    Awesome thread. Love this guys stuff every year.

    Couple guys on there I love...Frederick and Fluker.
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    I'm starting to really like Frederick more and more. Fluker I've liked from the start.

    Either would make me happy.
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    Great post. Thanks for the read.
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    Frederick's bench(21) and forty(5.58) were terrible. I thought that after he lost weight from 338 to 312 that he would show decent quickness but that forty time is really bad at that weight.
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    Scouts are in love but he wont be a Cowboy.

    Not the comparison I wanted to hear.

    Heard the regional scouts didnt like him at all.

    I'll take it.

    There are those motor questions again.

    Dont know if blocks well enough for what they are looking for.

    Will be an absolute steal for somebody round 2.
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    He's a very good player, I don't care what time he runs 40 yards in a straight line in. You say quickness, but the 40 shows speed more than quickness. The agility drills will tell us a lot more than his 40 time.

    His bench is a little more concerning, but he plays plenty strong.

    I'm thinking 2nd round by the way. I wouldn't use a first on him.
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    His agility times were decent, but his 10-yard time (1.85) was not good. It's more concerning with a player that just dropped from 338 to 312. I don't expect him to stay at 312.
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    ....about 20 times at Wisconsin and he's PERFECT for their system....straight ahead brawler and mauler. NO zone at all for this guy, so he's not for us. But I can see some teams who line up and mash really liking him such as SF or Pitt.

    btw: what do you guys think of Thomas (safety) out of Fresno? Scouts like him and I'm hopeful he might be there for us in third or fourth round....thoughts? (I've seen NO tape on him so I'm real curious: I know all the BIG names like Vaccaro, Cyprien, etc...are out there but maybe we could snag this kid a little later on and still go interior line in first two rounds)
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    The Warmack stuff was interesting, lol.
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    did you guys see Fisher of Central MI manhandle him at the Senior Bowl? They showed tape and it was brutal....looked like a man vs. a boy, I was a litttle stunned.
  13. newlander

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    123 Likes Received was but I mean....'sweats too much' and 'isn't that bright?'......seriously? He is a BEAST and is welcome on my team any DAY of the week.:star:
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    Considering an OL's 40 time means nothing, I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. xwalker

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    Handle who?
  16. DFWJC

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    Looks like he's saying Okafor
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    I feel the same way about him. Although it's funny how differing the two scouts see it on quite a few players. One called him the best, one said he just looks like the part.
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    Saw this piece from a twitter feed.

    The Green Bay paper does a great job covering the draft.
    Probably the only 3 decent papers for covering it are in Green Bay, Boston and Dallas.

    Can't say much surprised me there.

    Not a lot of shocking points made.

    Clearly a lot of r1 beef. Skill positions are less than stacked. Plenty of Big 12 athletes with major speed at WR but QB is all about inconsistent guys and RB isn't star-studded.

    Not much in the way of sexy coverage players.

    If Mo Claiborne was in this draft he'd be rated #1 overall.

    I like our area for this draft. Soft top 10 but r1 quality throughout 25 picks. Deeper than most years.
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    That last line about if a G isn't perfect you don't take him in Round 1 because otherwise there isn't much difference with a 4th rounder was obviously a Cowboys scout.
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    yeah. our past record obviously supports this premise.

    one problem I have with UNNAMED scouts is just how good are they at evaluating various positions? Praise or pan you have to wonder which scout actually knows what he is talking about

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