Bored at work full off season mock.

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    Major Cuts/Let walks-
    Bradie James
    Martellus Bennett
    Abram Elam

    Major Resignings-
    Anthony Spencer- I think hes going to have a tough time finding a 3-4 team that is going to give him good money. He comes back on a team friendly contract.

    Laurent Robinson- Obvious signing. Was great for us and I cant see him wanting to go else where.

    Free Agent Signings-

    Aubrayo Franklin- NT- Rat starts to transition over to DE and Franklin is a very good run stuffing NT to plug in the rotation. He will probably get lost in the shuffle by the Saints as they have a lot of guys to resign.

    Reggie Nelson FS- Elam was far from impressive, so I doubt he is back. Nelson would be 1 of the better coverage safties we've had here in a while and would compliment Sens well.

    Nate Livings OG- Not the sexy picks like Grubbs or Nicks, but I highly doubt either of them really hit the market. If they arent given huge extensions by their currents teams they will be tagged. Livings would be an upgrade over what Koiser was this year.

    1ST Round- David Decastro, OG, Stanford- Obvious pick if hes still available. Switching Tyron and Free, plus adding Livings and Decastro makes the line A LOT better for the foreseeable future. Really solidifies the whole offense for a while.

    2ND Round- Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt- Love this kid and think hes going to be a steal. Was a 3 year starter in the SEC on an otherwise poor defense and still shut down some of the nations best WR's. He also produced turnovers with 11 INT's in the past 2 years. I think he would immediately challenge Scandrick for who is the 2nd corner and who is the nickle.

    3RD Round- Winston Guy JR, S, Kentucky- The secondary needs a major over haul. I like Guy JR as 1 of the better safeties in this draft. Well rounded safety who can play in the box and in coverage. Could possibly challenge to start opposite of Sens depending on who we bring in from FA.

    4TH Round- Brandon Jenkins, OLB, Florida State- 1 of the more under looked OLB prospects in the draft. Had an incredible 2010(21.5 TFL and 13.5 sacks) season, but fell off a bit his season. But with his size (6'3 260) and motor Ill take this year as a fluke and gladly scoop him up as a steal in the 4th round.

    5TH Round- Drake Dunsmore, TE/FB, Northwestern- He is the typical H-Back tweener type player that I love and we lack. Was very productive in college with 500 yards receiving yards and 6 scores. He would cause problems for LB's out of the backfield and be another weapon for Romo.

    6TH Round- GJ Kinne, QB, Tulsa- Productive small school QB with some skills that could develop. Has a good size and speed combo for a QB and can make most of the throws. A good project QB to develop.

    7TH Round- Dyrell Roberts, KR/PR, Va Tech- Not worth much as a WR so hes worth a shot in the 7th round to see if he can make the team as a return man. Had 5 kickoff returns for TD's in his career.
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    Didn't Jenkins decide to stay in school?
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    I like the Kinne pick.

    He reminds me of Romo.

    Has some mobility.
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    I watched a lot of Bengals game this year because of my unhealthy man-crushes on Rey Maualuga and Taylor Mays, and I can tell you that Nate Livings is awful. Even Flozell Adams thinks he has too many false start penalties.
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