News: BR: Cowboys Should Save Every Penny They Have Until 2015

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    I was a little off:

    Medical Retirement Rules
    • A team with a player forced to retire due to medical reasons, including a career-ending injury, may be able to find salary cap relief for the player's remaining contract by appealing directly to league offices. For example, an NBA team may apply for salary cap relief after a league-approved physician confirms the player is no longer medically fit to continue playing. The player continues receiving his salary, and the team may remove his salary from cap consideration the following season. This allows the team to sign a player to fill the retired player's roster spot without hindrance from the retired player's contract.
    The example here references the NBA but I remember this happening in NFL circles as well.

    Read more :
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    You would think they would have a provision that allows the cap space to be recovered without having the player pay it. Look kinda bad for the league after the disability discussions to have players give money back. And I doubt any team wants to have to go that route.

    I wonder if they limit the amount of relief or if all cap charges go.
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    All guaranteed money that has been paid or promised has to be accounted for with Romo and Lee. There is no 'medical retirement' exemption. A team may purchase an insurance policy to re-cover cash in case of injury, but it doesn't look like Dallas took that option with Lee or Romo.
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    Whelp! There goes the neighborhood! Seriously tho, thanks for the info. It just seems there should be some kind of remedy for when a player is hurt and can no longer play.
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    I expect Dallas to hold off on any spending until it sees if it needs to add players, then to use some of that cap space on extending Bryant, Smith and possibly Murray (but hopefully not).
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    Agree...yaw got it:D
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