News: BR: Dallas Cowboys Players in Serious Danger of Being Cut Soon

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    In just a few weeks, the Dallas Cowboys will have to cut players to meet the league requirements. Every team will make tough decisions, however, this process shows the emphasis put on training camp performance and preseason games.

    A lot of people chalk up training camp as boring or insignificant. Nevertheless, anytime a team is deciding whom to keep on its roster, it becomes a big deal.

    Obviously there are players each team is going to keep despite how they do at this point in the year. Plenty of veterans coast through the summer because they know how to turn it on when it counts.

    Many other guys don’t have this comfort and assurance. Everyday at camp is a war and the time to prove their worth to the organization.

    No matter how difficult it is for the coaching staff, these Cowboys need to show improvement because they’re in real jeopardy of being cut soon.

    All statistics via Pro Football Reference unless indicated otherwise.

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