Brace for the inevitable overreactions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chief, Aug 13, 2005.

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    The America's Team phenomenon was at it's peak and Dallas was loaded.

    It was August 1979 and Cowboy fans everywhere were gushing about the team's rookie defensive linemen. During the fourth quarter of an early preseason game (I can't remember against whom), Dallas had four rookies in the game at the same time -- Bruce Thornton, Mike Calhoun, Curtis Anderson and Ralph DeLoach.

    During two or three series, the rookie foursome put pressure on the opposing QB EVERY down. The other team was trying to pass to catch up and their young QB was the victim of a feeding frenzy.

    A much younger Brad Sham gushed (I'm paraphrasing), "There's no way Dallas can keep all these young linemen, but someday we'll look back and marvel that these four guys were in the same draft class and in the same camp together."

    As we look back, Thornton was the only guy Dallas kept and the other three never did anything in the NFL.

    And then there was running back Robert Lavette's annual all-star performance each August for the Cowboys. He didn't make it either.

    I realize Dallas fans (and football fans in general) rarely jump to conclusions and never react too quickly on these things. :rolleyes: It's hard not to when we're all starved for a real game to be played. We've been reading about these guys and anticipating for so long.

    The overreactions are inevitable. We're probably all guilty of it (including professionals like Sham). I'll call for several guys to be waived by halftime tonight and will be convinced that others are the real thing. I'll try to remember the four rookie defensive linemen in 1979, but it'll be hard when we see these young guys flying around the ball tonight.
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    Thorton was the lowest pick of those 4 wasn't he. I think we got Ron Springs and Doug Cosbie in that draft too didn't we? Robert Shaw was number one, I think. I remember really liking that draft.
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    the fickle ones will be out in full force late tonight and tomorrow...

    some of the fickle fans think Adrian McPherson looked "good" last night and is worth pursuing despite being 3/7 for 28 yds and basically looking to say that if either Henson or Romo duplicates that mediocrity tonight everyone will be screaming for new QB's to be signed ASAP

    Julius Jones is going to be a stud in this league, and only get a few carries tonight in a truly meaningless game, but if he manages only 15yds on 5 carries and Tyson Thmpson runs for 75 yds in mop up duty against an Arizona lineup of scabs and scrubs there will be those who really think Jones should be replaced

    DeMarcus Ware better not duplicate Derrick Johnson's debut last night, or he's another Pittman/Carver/Ekuban for sure (also its funny how all those who said Johnson was the ultimate stud and the best OLB in yrs have been silent after DJ struck out last night)

    as I mentioned the other day, Henson is screwed in this forum no matter what he does....he could be 12-14 for 150 yds and 2 tds and there will be those who say he still sux, or only ran up those numbers because he played against scrubs

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    You're right on Henson there David. I know of one person that will spout off just like that.
  5. lcharles

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    no problem. I'ts all good. ;)
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    bravo great post...I think people starving to see this team winning and that is why most of them optimistic...but this happened almost every year..I been reading the same reviews every training camp..we all get excited and start talking super bowl..then to reach to a stage of disspointment after several games. I m hoping it will be a diffrent story this year..but nothing for sure and if all our drafts turn out to be as half as people being saying about them then i would call it a miracle..but lets hope for the better and always prepared for the worse
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    Being a bit conservitive there M.W. They will will hover like vultures over a fresh roadkill,screaming ,we need Sennaca Wallace,Matt Shaub,Adrian Mc(I can't find the center)Pherson.They will crown him the next John(the baptist)Elway for such a mistake.It's his destiny.We should trade for him immediately. :bang2: But hey waddaya gonna do? It's pre-season.Been a long off season,I guess. :rolleyes:
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    Great post as usual Chief

    Whoooooooooooo Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee overreact-------you gotta be kidding.

    By the way those rookie DL were competing against.......Randy White, Harvey Martin,Larry Cole, Pat Donavan, and John Dutton
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    Nice, Chief.

    I remember those days fondly. I'm also wondering just how Tony Dorsett was able to hold off guys like Chuck McSwain and George Peoples. :p

    Certainly good advice to watch this thing tonight with a certain sense of perspective. Maybe a tad of guarded optimism, I dunno. Over the years, I too have learned not read too much into those types of performances, both good and bad.

    But with that said, watch this board swing both ways, along with others. The radio and TV airwaves will also be flush with commentary ranging from one extreme to the other. Though, I guess that's part of the fun.

    I dunno.
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    For my part, I see nothing wrong w/ unbridled optimism during the preseason. It's all a part of it. You go to any message board and you see each team's rookies being hailed as the next great thing; we're no different.

    Besides, for all but a handful of teams, the optimism fades pretty fast once the regular season starts, and the vast majority of fans end up enduring another season of disappointment and unfulfilled expectations.

    So when I hear all these glowing reports out of training camp, rather than view it w/ a bit of skepticism, I simply revel in it. Enjoy it while you can, that's my motto. Hope springs eternal in August. We have the rest of the year to deal w/ what reality has in store for us, for better or for worse.

    My two cents.
  11. Chief

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    Exactly, cbz.

    That's why Sham said they wouldn't be able to keep all of them. Thornton was the one they kept and he had a decent little career. DeLoach was the highest pick of the four.
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    Thanks alot Chief. Talk about memories. Well, I'll just find my walker now and go on with my day:)
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    nice post can't get too excited about good or bad performances, wins or losses, in also can't focus too much of your predictions for the future on Rookies. Despite our giddiness over our draftees and the funeral dirge that played around here when people thought Spears might be lost for the season, the bottom line is that these guys are rookies, and they aren't going to turn this franchise around in their rookie seasons.

    If Ware can generate a pass rush, that will be the biggest contribution of any rookie.

    I"m more interested in seeing how guys like Bledsoe and Julius JOnes play in preseason.
  14. LaTunaNostra

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    But, but, but, but, CHIEF!

    This year is different.

    The future Hall Of Fame Head Coach has been comparing his hybrid linebacker by dropping the initials of the best player he ever coached like so much dandruff.

    The STEAL of the CENTURY, one-eyed and potent, dropped from the heavens in the fourth round.

    Another "cocky" linebacker is so amazingly mature a player the HC announced in a pc he wouldn't feed him any cheese.

    A latter round offensive tackle has leap frogged last year's starter and a recent second round pick.

    A gem of a super fast California running back will be on the field. It's not a question of if he wows us, but when.

    And although another Can't Miss is nursing an injury trifecta, a late round Auburn camp eye-opener, as well as the Mysterious Three Sack Wonder will be on the field.

    Don't tell me this ain't BIG. :)
  15. Chief

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  16. burmafrd

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    I think Calhoun played for a few years with either Chicago or someone. And the next year Too Tall was back. Remember John Dutton was originally a DE, when Too Tall came back they converted him to DT and he did quite well. I cannot remember the last time any team started 4 DL's who had all made the Pro Bowl sometime in their careers. Dutton, Manster, Too Tall and Harvey- and yet they never made it to another SB. Just goes to show you how tough the NFC was back then.
  17. LaTunaNostra

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    Hasn't everyone see the acronym "DROY" cropping up here?

    The honors are as good as sealed.

    The only question I expect to be answered tonight is which of our'n gets the early lead against the others....

    and oh yeah, if it's so vast a lead Spears will never catch up.
  18. LaTunaNostra

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    Thanks, but part of me is

    heehee heeheehee

    serious. :laugh2:

    Chief, the cheese hasn't just been handed out by the media and passed around among fans.

    It's been coming from BILL..this is HIS draft like no other since he has been in Dallas, because he went out and got the players to fit HIS preferred defensive scheme.

    He scouted them, assessed them, drafted them, had Jerry sign them, and now he is coaching their little hearts out.

    Tuna bought these groceries...they have to be top shelf. It's fillet mignon every night now!

    If we go overboard, you know where to point the finger. :D
  19. Cbz40

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    and they have been compared to the "dirty dozen" :D
  20. TruBlueCowboy

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    Does anyone have preseason box scores in Cowboys history? I'd like to take a walk down memory lane. I can remember quite a few players who every fan swore was the next big thing after a 2 sack, 7 reception, or 75 yard rushing game against third teamers. :D

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