Brad & Mickey talk WR's/Amendola on Irvin - 7/29/08

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by dcfanatic, Jul 29, 2008.

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    man, a really good players is going to be released this year.
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    Several good players are going to be let go this summer.
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    Well one thing is for certain.....he sounds much brighter than the guy he's so often compared to.
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    LOL. Is Welker a dummy? I have only heard him in a few interviews.
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    I've heard worse, but I'll let you decide.
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    Watkins' Stock Report

    3:31 PM Tue, Jul 29, 2008 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
    Calvin Watkins http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg E-mail http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg News tips
    We look at who's doing well and who's not after our 30 second earthquake scare.
    Stock Up

    1. Isaiah Stanback. Is improving his route running and is catching the ball.
    2. Terrell Owens. Getting behind the defense and winning one-on-one battles.
    3. Mike Jefferson. The young receiver has been active, but still needs work.
    4. Dowayne Davis. Been active on defense and improving on special teams.
    5. Tank Johnson. Offensive line had to change the blocking scheme because of him.

    Stock Down

    1. Richard Bartel. Still missing too many open receivers.
    2. Danny Amendola. Has to do more than be steady to make the team.
    3. Alan Ball. The young corner got some time with Terence Newman out, but got beat.
    4. Jeff Terrell. Is it that hard to find quarterbacks?
    5. Todd Lowber. Where's Terry Glenn when you need him?
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    3:12 PM Tue, Jul 29, 2008 | Permalink | Yahoo! Buzz
    Tim MacMahon E-mail News tips

    This idea is shamelessly stolen from Calvin "Lucky" Watkins. Follow the jump to read about five risers and five fallers.


    1. CB Orlando Scandrick -- The fifth-round pick had two very good practices yesterday, showing a good grasp of the defense and eagerness to compete against/learn from the best. He covered T.O. well on a couple of deep routes and then peppered him with questions at the end of practice.

    2. TE Martellus Bennett - The second-round pick from Texas A&M is showing signs that he's getting it, although he was bowled over by DE Jason Hatcher on one running play. Bennett vs. Tony Curtis for the No. 2 TE spot is one of the camp's best position battles.

    3. RG Leonard Davis - Can a Pro Bowler's stock rise during training camp? Yes, if he's as dominant as Bigg was during the morning practice. Seven-time Pro Bowler Zach Thomas, who was de-cleated at least once when they butted heads, is definitely impressed.

    4. NT Tank Johnson - He's simply too good for the second-team offensive line, which has to double-team him. We'll start seeing more of Jay Ratliff, who has been impressive all camp, at defensive end. Is Chris Canty/Tank/Ratliff the Cowboys' best DL? Maybe.

    5. S Dowayne Davis - He's come a long way when fellow DBs were laughing at him during ball drills at rookie minicamp. Wade Phillips said yesterday that this guy reminded him of Keith Davis (no relation), meaning he might be able to stick because of special teams.


    1. OLB Erik Walden - The sixth-round pick really struggled during pass-rush drills yesterday, getting roughed up by backup LT Doug Free and Bennett. He's expected to struggle while making the transition from 4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB, but that shouldn't affect his performance in pass-rush drills.

    2. OLB Tearrius George - Can't make the club in the tub, and George has been sidelined for a couple days by a bone bruise in his knee. He's missing out on an opportunity with Walden struggling.

    3. CB Quincy Butler - He's sitting out, too, nursing a hamstring injury. Alan Ball is getting reps with the nickel and dime defenses with Terence Newman (groin) out, and Evan Oglesby had picks in both practices yesterday.

    4. WR Danny Amendola - It's not that Amendola has done anything wrong over the last couple days. He just hasn't done anything to stand out like he did during the first couple days of camp. And undrafted free agents usually need to stand out in camp to make the team.

    5. LB Justin Rogers - It's not his fault he got sick and dehydrated, but missing yesterday's practices doesn't help the cause of a kid moving form OLB to ILB. Bobby Carpenter got the reps as Bradie James' backup that were going to Rogers.
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    I heard Stanback is dropping more than a few passes, that he can't catch in traffic.
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    I think the stock think would be more interesting if the talked about some of the lesser known players. I want to hear about the players at the bottom of the roster not the ones who are already on the roster.
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    Which good players do people think are gonna get cut?
  13. dcfanatic

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    Tony Romo. He's a goner for sure. Bring on Brad Johnson!
    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
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    Isn't amendola catching everything thrown his way, as well as finding ways to get open just enough to beat the defender to the ball?

    TO is our flash.....and he drops enough balls for the entire team....give me non flash and consistent hands all day long to compliment TOs flash.
  15. ABQcowboyJR

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    lol funny DC
  16. Nors

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    Amendola is so not going to make our 53 man roster! lol

    I'll take TO all day everyday - agree there
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    How can TO's stock be on the rise? He's pretty much as high as he can get.
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    I do not get this the kid has been spectacular at times then solid most the rest of the times which is more than most rookies do in training camp.:confused:

    Sorry but color me confused on stock down why because he is not an all star wr already he doe not look like TO out there; put me down as baffled on this comment by Watkins

    Anyways time will tell and the games will also should somethings
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    Because the WR beats the DB and catches the ball in 7-on-7 drills around 80% of the time. It's really not a big deal, but for some reason when Amendola does it, it's "OMG !! The next Welker just made a catch!!! Look at him. He's just like Welker. So small!!! So white!!! So Texas Tech!!"

    I'm glad he's got good hands. So does Sam Hurd.
  20. dcfanatic

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    Well I didn't see any video of T.O., Crayton, Hurd, Austin, Stanback, Jefferson, Polk, Barber, Witten, Curtis, Bennett, Jones or Choice laying out at a 90 degree angle to make a training camp catch.

    Were we supposed to ignore that catch?

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