Brad Johnson Answered Your Questions!

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    Brad Johnson Answered Your Questions!

    He is doing these in parts.... here's at least a start........... And keep an eye here...cuz they are suppose to land on his website as well...

    How does it feel to be on a team that has so much tradition? Did it play a factor when it came to signing with the cowboys?

    It’s great to be one team like the Cowboys, coming from Florida State, I’ve always respected teams with great tradition.

    Any advice you can offer to these young players coming into the league
    Keep working and play with passion. I’ve always believed if you do those two things you can do anything.

    What will you remember most of your days in Minnesota?

    It would probably be the fans. They always treated me great, even when I signed with the Cowboys I was still getting nice notes from them.

    What are your thoughts on the upcoming Cowboys season?

    We were a play-off team last year and I know everyone is excited about our potential this season. I’m looking forward to it.

    I didn’t realize you were also a High-School All-America basketball player. Did you get any interesting offers to play college hoops? Ever wish you had gone for it?

    Actually, I was Player of the Year for basketball my senior year but not an All-American. I did play basketball freshman year at FSU. These days, I just focus on Pop-a-shot, where I hold 9 city records (unofficially!!).

    Can you explain your experience in NFL Europe (How it affected your career, how it was to be a long way from home, etc.)?

    NFL Europe was great for my career. I didn’t play a lot my senior year of college so NFL Europe gave me a chance to show what I could do in game situations. It was tough being far from home but I got to see Europe and play football so it was all worth it.

    Good day, Mr. Johnson, and welcome to the Dallas Cowboys. In 1992, you were drafted in the 9th round by the Vikings. Since then, you have enjoyed a successful career, which includes a Super Bowl victory with the Buccaneers. With the addition of compensatory picks I the current draft, a player picked as the 227th over all selection (as you were in ’92) would manage to land on some team’s roster within the 7th round. Being a late rounder yourself, what advice would you give college quarterbacks concerning their personal and/or professional expectations before entering the draft, who are otherwise projected to be selected in the late rounds or not drafted at all?

    If you look around the league you see as many late round guys playing (myself, Matt Hasselbeck, Tom Brady) as you do early round guys. My advice would be to work just as hard if not harder as those early round guys. With scouting as good as it is today in the NFL, if you can play, they’ll find you – then its up to you to make sure you’re putting in the work to get on the field.

    Can you name your most memorable play, and the one play you’d just soon forget in your career? Thank and Welcome Aboard

    My most memorable play is every play in the Super Bowl. I remember that game, and everything around it, really well.

    If I remember correctly, I think you’re the only QB to ever complete a TD pass to yourself. Could you tell us what was going through your mind when that happened?

    Whenever a ball is tipped, you just want to make sure it’s not picked-off; the touchdown was secondary in my mind to preventing a turnover. But it got attention for the ESPY Awards so that was cool.

    I love the game of football… and it’s quite obvious you do as well, otherwise you would have hung up the cleats a long time ago. My question is: what is it about the game that draws you in so much? Is it the passion you have to put into every play? The chance to be a hero in someone’s eyes? I’m sure everyone has their own idea for what it is about this great game that they love, so…what’s yours?

    I do love the passion that you have to put into every play. In fact I wrote a kid’s book after the Super Bowl called Play with Passion. I have such a passion for the game that I always want to keep playing.

    Thank you for the questions everyone, go Cowboys!
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    Awesome stuff.

    Thanks Deb.

    What is Pop-a-shot?
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    Thanks so much for this .. but .. did you really have to picture him in a Redskins' jersey? ;)
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    Listen, I may be wrong but this guy might someday end up being our best FA acquistion, people don't realise that we have two years I think with no misses by our starting QB, how many teams can keep that up, he will be great in spot duty, he was a SB qb, we haven't had one of those in awhile, his presence should help Romo if nothing else..
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    hopefully we never have to find out - no offense to Brad. :D
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    booooo, he didnt answer my question.

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