Brady Quinn Says He Can Turn a Franchise Around

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ThreeSportStar80, Apr 13, 2007.

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    because this is a FOOTBALL forum, last time i checked people don't attack each other on here. If you have a problem with me, just ask "why do you think you have the right to judge quinn after one occassion?" don't call a person who happens to be a total stranger a loser b/c that just makes you bad
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    Manning did not win one at Tenn...I wonder if he will ever work out on the NFL level.
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    I hate ND....

    What I'd hate more is anyone that thinks BQ is not a viable option as a starting QB in the NFL ever come close to becoming employed as a scout or GM for my favorite football team.
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    I've heard the exact same thing about him....

    P.S. Whichever mod changed my tittle of the thread.... please explain the reason..:rolleyes:
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    I could show you a whole bunch of people who have talked to him, went to school with him, and say the exact opposite. If you are willing, go troll on any of the ND blogs. Or do a google search; there are a fair number of first person accounts you can dig up that way. Any way you look at it, negative takes on him AS A PERSON are very much in the tiny minority. Cocky? WHY NOT? Arrogant- in WHOSE definition?
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    Well, Brady is also going to have to experience firsthand the change in speed and size as well as length of season that is the NFL before he realizes he can't turn anything around by himself.

    Just like every rookie that comes in and says: I'm the Next Big Thing. :eek:
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    shucks you're right...i don't even know what to good, you win :puke:

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