News: Brandon Carr delivers strong message for Flint students at Black History Month luncheon

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    FLINT TWP, MI – Way before Brandon Carr was locking down NFL wide receivers for the Dallas Cowboys, he was a big-headed kid from Flint roaming Carman-Ainsworth's hallways with lots of ambition. He practiced religiously and blocked out all the naysayers who knocked him from climbing up the football ladder.

    As a result of that tunnel vision, Carr can't go anywhere nowadays without drawing attention as one of the NFL's best at his position – including his high school alma mater.

    "The good thing about dreams is that there is no limit. You can have 10 different dreams but all dreams are is just your vision of where you see yourself in the future," Carr said to the audience. "Your environment, the people you have around you, the things you watch and your daily intake all helps you figure out what your dream is and what you want to do.

    "If you put good stuff into you, your dream will be positive," he told everyone. "If you're not exposed to the finer things in life, then your dream won't even know about those things, but I can look around and see that's not the case here. A lot of light bulbs are just waiting to click on and it's never too late."

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    Thanks for posting this, I really enjoy these kinds of stories. Class act.

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