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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lodeus, Oct 17, 2013.

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    I'm just curious, what makes you think KC has spent more resources on their front 7 than Dallas has?
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    There is spending resources and then there is spending them wisely is actually know what you are doing

    No rational person would suggest that just throwing money at a problem (in this case money and draft picks) is the answer.... It goes without saying that the resources need to be spent wisely

    If you don't know that KC has spent more resources wisely on their front 7 than us, after watching both defences and our debacles with Ratliff and spencer the I would suggest a trip to the eye doctor as a potential cure for your curiosity
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    Here are your two previous arguments

    Perhaps one should put forth a consistent argument rather than modifying said argument everytime before suggesting trips to the doctor.
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    That's his MO. You should probably put him on ignore like the rest of the forum has already.
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    Our front 7 prior to this season was Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Jason Hatcher, Jay Ratliff, Bruce Carter, Sean Lee and Justin Durant lol. Yea they've been completely ignoring the front 7 lol.
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    the issue is that rat was known to be injured and spencer also had an injury that was unclear (at least to fans)
    fans may not have known about the significance and extent of these injuries but our FO should have known what was going on
    ware hadnt missed a game but he had struggled with neck and back issues last year and it is pretty clear from watching him that he is not the same this year
    you put those tgether and i think you can see why it would be reasonable to be concerned about the DL

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    For the record:

    Dwayne Bowe is making $11.2M this season and is signed until 2018. (WR)

    Brandon Albert is making $9.828M this season on a 1 yr deal. (T)

    Alex Smith is making $8M this year and is signed until 2015. (QB)

    Eric Fisher is making $5.547M per season until 2017. (T)

    Jamaal Charles is making $4.661M until 2016. (RB)

    Anthony Fasano is at $4M until 2017. (TE)

    Dustin Colquitt is making $3.75M until 2018. <--- He's the punter BTW is 18th on the list of annual salaries of players. (P)

    Add up all the avg salaries for these guys we get $46.986M.

    Front 7 costs = $37.025M

    Tamba Hali = $11.5M/yr
    Tyson Jackson = $10.985M/yr
    Derrick Johnson = $6.079M/yr
    Mike DeVito = $4.2M/yr
    Dontari Poe = $2.83M/yr
    Akeem Jordon = $735K/yr
    Justin Houston = $696K/yr

    So lets recap here, 7 offensive players that cost about 10$M more than the front 7 you said that the Chiefs spend their money on.

    Whatever you want to call Chiefs do the same thing every NFL team does - I'll let you figure that one out.
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    Don't forget they had 10 sacks last week. TEN!!
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    K.C. IS OK, but teams have not yet taken them seriously. They were probably the best 2 win team in history last year.
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    Wasted thread. WG asked for a recap and I was hoping for one too.
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    not today lol

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