Brandon (Head-Hunter) Meriweather banned 2 games for illegal hits

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    Brandon Meriweather banned 2 games for illegal hits

    Brandon Meriweather has a well-earned reputation as a head-hunter in the Washington Redskins' secondary. His unwillingness (or inability) to change his playing style has taken him off the field.

    The NFL announced Monday that Meriweather has been suspended without pay for two games for repeat violations this season of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.

    Meriweather may not practice during the suspension and will be unavailable for games against the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers. Meriweather will be reinstated on November 4.

    Meriweather was flagged twice for illegal hits in Sunday's 45-41 win over the Bears. After the game, Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall -- the recipient of one of those hits -- railed against Meriweather's playing style, saying the safety should be suspended or kicked out of the game entirely.

    "Guys like that really don't understand that there is life after football," Marshall said, via the Chicago Tribune.

    The two-game suspension will cost Meriweather $141,176 in game checks. The NFL fined Meriweather $42,000 last month for a helmet-to-helmet hit.

    "I feel like every hit that I took was a legit hit," he said, via the Washington Post. "I wasn't trying to be dirty. I wasn't trying to hurt nobody. I didn't launch with my head. I used my shoulder like they told me to do. Everything I did was a pointer from them (league officials). ... You've just got to play. There ain't nothing I can do about it. I just go out there and play."

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    he should just start breaking legs...thats allowed
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    The 1st hit on Ashlon Jeffrey was a bogus call. Meriweather made contact with his Jeffrey's shoulder after 2-3 steps. In no was was he defenseless and I don't believe he made contact with his head.

    However, the hit on Marshall was as bad, and needless, as they come.
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    Ridiculous. You play to intimidate the enemy. That is why these guys are payed millions. Risk and reward.
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    But when a player has a history of head hunting, he won't get benefit of doubt.
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    About time.
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    He always seems to be inches away from breaking his own neck:

    There were more pics I tried to upload, but they apparently didn't. Whatever.
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    Stupid. I hope he wins his appeal. The first hit didn't even look like it was helmet to helmet and the second looked like he hit Marshal with his arms.
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    Maybe he likes to hit like that to try and forget when he was trucked over and leaped over by a WVU RB named Wilson heheh

    Still remember that hit all those years ago.
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    I saw the hits......reviewed them....

    I don't get it??. It's going to be flag football, And soon.......scores like 80-75.......

    I get it, Safety is an issue.

    But this is football. Football is a psychical sport.

    U know, People get hurt in baseball too......and the lawn......
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    I love threads started that require the readers to look up the story elsewhere then come back for someone's commentary.
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    Can't say I agree whatsoever. This guy is a serial violator...heck, go look at the skins board, even they agree the suspension is justified.
  13. 03EBZ06

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    He deserved it and this thread deserves to be moved to the NFL zone.
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    My bad.

    And. I'm a little older...... I've seen Darren Woodson make thst hit every weekend. I've made those hits.....safeties were paid millions. And made teams becusse they made those hits,.....,

    I guess I'm just having a hard time changing,,,,,,,,,I may be wrong here,,,,,,,but.......i dunno........
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    For better or worse, the game, and therefore the safety position, is evolving. There really is no room for a thumper in the secondary anymore.
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    No problem bro.

    I think safety has to be considered. It sounds wimpy but I really don't want to see paralyzed bodies on the field. No reason to blast guys in the head and neck.
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    Brandon Meriweather guide to tackling

    Step 1: Pursue

    Step 2: Take your eyes off the opposing player and point the crown of your helmet at your target.

    Step 3: Forget you have arms and use the tackling formation you learned while watching that Discovery channel special about Rams (Make sure your heads collide or else you've failed).

    Step 4: Wait for fine.
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    He lead with his helmet on both those hits. I usually think they are too harsh with the flags on those sorts of plays but in this case they were pretty obvious.
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    The hit on Marshall was cheap in any era.

    The guy is a bum and should be suspended for the rest of the year given his history and that shot on Marshall.

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