Brandon Thomas, a more effective version of Zack Martin?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Brandon Thomas | Guard
    Team: Clemson Tigers
    Age / DOB: (23) / 2/18/1991
    Ht / Wt: 6'3' / 315

    The Sideline View's Lance Zierlein believes Clemson senior OL Brandon Thomas is "late first to mid second round pick" due to his position versatility.
    "There are some people really sleeping on Clemson's Brandon Thomas. He's going late first to mid second round and can play tackle in the NFL," Zierlein tweeted. It's a huge plus when a prospect can offer a team position versatility. If Thomas is able to step in and play where he's needed, it gives NFL teams some flexibility on their depth chart right away. Thomas has received comparisons to future Hall of Fame guard Brian Waters. Mar 11 - 10:10 PM
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    I've been saying this for a while....very similar players. Of course I loved Thomas back when he was 3-4 round pick.

    Joel Bitonio is also very comparable to these guys but doesn't get talked about much here, or any where for that matter. Another college LT who is highly athletic with a nasty demeanor that would make a great G conversation. Definitely needs to be a target of ours.
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    I would love to get Thomas I the 3rd.

    My dream is
  4. supercowboy8

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    I don't think he is a tackle in the nfl but he is a day one starting LG. Would love to steal I 3rd but be fine in 2nd if he is bpa
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    Yes, all the way.

    I could see Martin becoming a Chris Snee level player, but once his arm length came in just over 32" I can't see spending a mid 1st round pick on him.

    I ignored Thomas's career, assuming he was a tweener OL that might make a nice swing G/T. Then until I saw him at the senior bowl and went back to watch other games. I really would only put Matthews and Robinson ahead of him.
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    I like, if the choices are:

    1) Martin in the first round, 2nd & 3rd rounds, DE & DT
    2) DE & DT in rounds 1 and 2, and then Thomas in round 3

    I likely choose option 2....but, I wouldn't be upset with 1 (assumes we get a DE and DT with our other two picks and not some other position)

    My true option 1 is to hope and pray that somehow Mack falls into our laps :D
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    don't see anything that indicates he is better than martin
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    this would be my choice

    the biggest issue i see is that we really really need to address the FS safety position

    lets see how this plays out

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