Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams. Mock Draft???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 4, 2004.

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    Amani Toomer went to Michigan. 460 receptions 6932 yards 37 TDs.
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    Mike Williams Is The Player I Would Choose Cause He's A Mixture Between Michael Irvin And Randy Moss...

    His Height Is Like Randy Moss
    His Size Is Like Michael Irvin
    His Physical Skills Is Like Michael Irvin
    His Ability To Leap Over Defender Is Like Moss
    His Playmaking Ability Is Like Michael Irvin Plus Randy Moss

    So He's More Of A Threat Than Brylon...
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    Ya know your sarcasm and definitions are VERY corny. If you learned how to spell then I probably wouldve known for sure what you were talking about. But in your original post where you refered to "suddenness" you misspelled it. You spelled it as "suddeness"!!!!!!!!! And please dont go back and edit it. Just learn to spell, especially when you want to be sarcastic.

    And to be clear, I dont think both WR's will be good NFL WR's. I think Mike Williams will attend numerous pro bowls, while Edwards will be no better than a complimentary player in the league. And I'm sure you know what "complimentary" means because you have your dictionary right in front of you. But for the rest of us, why dont you just give us that definition as well.

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    It’s called a typo. Normal people tend to make them from time to time. But I'm talking about sports and not writing a thesis paper. And if I mention something that you can’t seem to grasp that is your own ignorance.

    So next time someone floats a general concept or a word over your head try not to get your little panties in a twist and stop taking yourself so seriously. Besides you are no where NEAR as bright as you think you are.

    It’s a forum on football not an English Literary class at Berkeley.
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    Toomer was a second round pick. I only compared 1st rounders.
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    I see nothing wrong with Edwards.

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    Do you anything about these Michigan fans not liking Edwards?
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    ok jr high, most major college programs like the U of Mich's, Ohio St, Oklahoma, Miami, Fl St, etc have a very established system both on offense and defense. Some of those programs lend themselves to translating into NFL systems, others don't. It can often be the difference between a player making a smooth or difficult transition to the pros. Also, skill position coaches at these programs are often there for years, or at least a certain system is. If its similar to what the pros use then players that excel within that college system usually do well in the pros. Take for example U of Miami, they run a pro-style offense and defense. Overall, their players usually do well transitioning to the NFL. Also take for example Penn St RBs. There have been many that have looked awesome at Penn St but had a very difficult transition to the pros. Univ of Mich typically puts out good pro QBs, not so much with RBs and WRs. OU has had some great college QBs under Stoops (Huepel was Heisman runner up, White has won one Heisman and may win another) yet I don't expect White to do much in the NFL and Heupel has been long gone. What I'm spelling out for you is that the college system a player develops under has a lot to do with the player he becomes and how well (or not) he transitions to the NFL.
    Its just another tool when evaluating a college player. Its not the only one and there are always exceptions but its definitely something to consider.
    A team's first round draft pick is usually the most important offseason tool it has so it pays to do your homework and manage risk. A team must look at every little thing about a player.
    All of this "ridiculous" (only one "d") logic has largley influenced my opinion to pass on Braylon. Throw in all the games I've watched him play where he has ran poor routes causing INTs or disappeared completely and that's how I have arrived at my position.
    but thanks for playing Sal
    next time, leave the thinking to professionals...
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    If that is the case, then why the heck are you typing in so many damn definitions? Contradicting yourself a little huh? Hey, give us that definition too.

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