News: BREAKING NEWS: TO reportedly attempted suicide...

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Sep 27, 2006.

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    Man, the religious conservatives have it ALL their way in this country, unfortunatly... god is pushed upon everyone in our society everyday of our lives. Look at your money, listen to the national anthem and "god" bless america... look at the way YOU react to someone who is an Atheist... usually the reaction to an Atheist is that are "broken". Stop giving me the, "oh, us poor christians and religious people have it so bad in this country and the Atheists are taking our rights away".. complete BS

    Anyways, I would like to STOP discussing this in this thread... we all have agreed to do this but yet some of you guys keep bringing it up. I'm done with this, FOR THE FINAL TIME.


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    I think this thread strayed from badlands into "madmax and the thunderdome"
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    All I see is you trying to get a final word in to try and invalidate his views.

    Drop it, and don't respond. kgr8thx
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    WR is important when you have Tom Brady. We don't have Tom Brady.
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    you better run brat... :laugh2:

    I guess I should have typed more.

    They were just talking about how a few of his friends are coming forward and in hind sight thinking that some of the things they heard from TO this past week might have given them pause if it hadn't been T.O saying it.

    My point was to be that there may have been a cry for help and that nobody saw it because it was T.O - an in your face kinda guy- and when nobody recognized it, he acted.

    Also, they said it was "this week" that he was acting differently. You know... after the surgery and getting the prescription

    there is a lot of speculation going on. this is a private matter for TO. If he did try to harm himself, I hope he gets help. If it was all a mistake, he needs to stay away from those pills cuz he definately was not reacting well on them

    Either way... I pray he will be ok and get healthy

    (and I'm not exactly a T.O fan)
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    Suicide in Texas is NOT a criminal act
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    This is a playoff team with or without Owens. However you have to wonder what a distraction like this will do to a team's state of mind. If he were never signed, this is a playoff team. If this situation is as bad as it looks and it lingers throughout the season, it will be a problem.
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    After looking over my O'Connor's Criminal Codes, I see that 22.08 of the Texas Penal Code makes aiding suicide a state jail felony. So one

    There is nothing in the Texas Penal Code itself about suicide. As I said earlier, my memory retains a vestigial memory of Prof. Palacios telling us about murder which is 19.02 of the Texas Penal Code and commenting that suicide is analyzed under that statute, thus rendering a specific suicide statute superfluous. Murder is defined as "intentionally or knowingly causing the death of an individual; intending to cause serious bodily injury and commits an act clearly dangers to human life that causes death of an individuals; or causes the death of an individual during the commission of a felony."

    I did a Westlaw search to refresh my memory. I read a few cases, including Wilson v. Brister, in which it appears my memory was remembering just enough to get me into trouble. Suicide is considered a common law crime to the extent it does violate the common law definition of murder. In Texas, suicide is not considered a violation of the Penal code. However, in other respects, it is considered "illegal." This a silly legal distinction that comes into play in a scenario such as where a surviving family sues a medical provider for not diagnosing suicidal tendencies. In that situation, the act of suicide is considered a common law crime that eliminates the causal connection.

    So, after refreshing my memory, my initial distinction is probably not correct. It appears clear to me from reading the code and case, suicide is not considered by the police to be a crime, but assisting suicide is. Thus, the police would inquire into the situation to determine if anyone was assisting him, and if he is not, they would end their investigation as there would not be a criminal issue. The only other thing they would be interested in is whether the drugs were legally acquired. My guess is they satisfied those two inquiries and concluded there was not a crime at issue.
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    INman you didnt include the part from the rn where he said they can go home if stable based on the opc, the court order the doctor signs and releases him to a facility or personal care. Then the other caller saying that he actually overdosed on drugs and they sent him home, it depends on how long the drugs were in your system and the supporting network you have around you.
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    actually its not that important cause brady makes average recievers look like superstars
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    Yeah, trying to keep up with this and work is wearing me out this morning.

    I do think it's hilarious when people get up on their pulpit on an internet football forum - whether it's religious, or political, whatever.
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    i just got on here and read this

    what in the world happened? have the facts come out yet?

    this is so scary!!
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    No matter what T.O. actually did, it appears that now he and the Dallas Cowboys will be able to manage the way it is presented. So, I would expect he will be back to playing football in the near future.
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    typo, i meant it's not as important when you HAVE Tom Brady
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    lol i figured that
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    I"m not really following this story very closely, but an attempted suicide is a serious issue. I expect T.O. to be placed on IR for the rest of the season. Unless all these reports are false, he will not play football again this season...and he shouldn't.

    You can't just take a guy who tried to kill himself and have football still be an don't fix something like that in a few weeks.

    Never liked T.O. at all, but I wish him well and realize depression can happen to anyone, and suicide is as serious as anything I can think of.

    Good Luck T.O., and I hope the Cowboys' younger receivers now step up the way they did in preseason.
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    Wait a minute, let me get this straight...

    Your wife does karate?

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    I'm completely and utterly tired of TO and this whole situation.

    Greenie was saying that it was nothing more then a reaction to the medication this morning but I don't know.

    Unfortunate is all I can say.

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