Breer: What The Cowboys Learned from Picking Prescott

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Plankton, Apr 20, 2017.

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    I love Dak and give the Boys all the credit in the world for drafting him.

    But the truth is they missed on him and at least they are acknowledging that.

    They passed on him in the very round they drafted him. Even tried to trade up for a different QB but missed. Might I add a QB who wasn't even a team captain and was being mocked league wide for having questionable leadership traits. This story is all about identifying rare traits in regards to things like leadership.

    Hopefully they learn their lesson.
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  2. Pants

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    Wait, I thought it was 6 of one or a half dozen of the other......
  3. Boys#1 95

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    Always wondered about the gift horse thing. Is it because it was a gift and by looking in the horses mouth you can tell its age by the length of the teeth. So, if that's your first concern it pisses off the giver? Sorry, off topic a little.
  4. drawandstrike

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    All 32 teams had Dak as a 4th round pick or later.

    Why? Because all 32 scouting departments saw him as a project pick. Not only was he not going to start, coaches and scouts all thought it would take several YEARS to get him coached up from running the option at Mississippi State to running a NFL-level pro style offense.

    You can talk about intangibles all day, but anybody who said before the draft last year they were taking Dak in the 1st round would've been called CRAZY.
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  5. drawandstrike

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    It can't be stressed enough: Dak shocked the entire NFL world at how easily he stepped into the starting role running an NFL offense in his very first year. It's nice the front office wants to go back and assess whether they missed anything in their evaluation of him, but come on.

    Nobody could've predicted a guy who spent his college years running the option would step in as a rookie and play the way he did in a new, much more complex kind of offense. Given what they had to go on, and because crystal balls don't really exist, no matter how hard teams looked at him, nobody was taking him earlier than the 3rd round.
  6. numnuts23

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    To this day I'm confused with this Dallas got lucky talk. While Dak has been better than anyone could expect this soon, I thought it was a terribly kept secret that Dallas loved Dak and if it played out right, they would likely draft him in the later rounds 4-5.
  7. ghosttown cowboy

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    I hope we are just as lucky as the Patriots when they took Brady at 199...
  8. speedkilz88

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    And it was Wilson, Linehan, and Garrett that loved Dak. The scouts thought he was no better than Showers who is playing safety now.
  9. DallasDomination

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    The Broncos and the media up here basically give the cowboys zero credit for Dak. I dont care because Mark, sesil lami or however you spell his name have to deal with their hero Elway picking Paxton Lynch. Thanks a lot Broncos!:dance::dance::dance:
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    Yes that's it. You should be thinking "wow, free horse" and not "free horse, but how old is he?"
  11. TheHerd

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    We followed the Patriot game plan for once! Hopefully with the same long term results.
  12. Vinnie2u

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    Yup. Wentz plan A. Lynch Plan B. Cook Plan C. Dak Plan D.
  13. DFWJC

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    I don't think all 32 teams did...not at all.
    1) some had him graded higher but also had another player graded even more highly still left on their board
    2) others graded him higher but were not about to take a QB
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